Comic books are amazing. They can be educational for children, they can be great investment opportunities and they can be pure entertainment. No wonder so many people collect comic books!

But with such a passionate following, it may be intimidating to start collecting comic books from scratch, especially if you aren’t very familiar with comic books to begin with. We don’t want that to stop you from starting to collect!

Here are some suggestions for starting a comic book collection:

Start Small

Once you decide you want to collect comic books, just be sure to take it slow. Don’t immediately buy up as many comic books as you can. Simply browse through places that sell comic books and buy a few items that really interest you and really meet your goals and expectations for collecting.

Have A Focus

Don’t aimlessly collect comic books with no goal or focus. Stick to a specific type or category of comic books and build your collection with that one goal in mind. Maybe you want to collect rare comic books. Maybe you want to collect comic books from a specific age. Maybe you only want to collect comic books above or below a certain value. Whatever your focus is, stick to it. The world of comic books is so vast that without a focus, it may never feel like you’re making progress with your collection and you run the risk of losing interest.

Store Them Properly

Once you acquire a comic book, make sure you take immediate steps to store them properly. Whether you’re collecting for the love of comic books, or you’re collecting to hopefully sell them for a profit, you never want to see your comic books’ conditions diminish over time. Keeping them stored properly is very easy, and the earlier you start, the better, so there’s no reason to overlook this aspect.

Know Why You’re Collecting In The First Place

This is more of a personal question, but why are you collecting in the first place? Is it just something to do? Is it with the aim of investing to make a profit? Is it to build something you can pass down to your kids and future generations? The answers to these questions will help guide you in your journey, help you keep a focus and help you know what and when to buy and sell.

Sparkle City Comics is here to help all collectors. Whether you’re looking to get an appraisal on your comic books, or you’re interested in buying and selling comic books, we’d love to help. If you have any questions on any of these topics, please give us a call at 800-743-9205 or fill out our comic book seller inquiry form and we will get back with you very shortly!

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