Sparkle City Comics was originally founded in 1976. In this period there were relatively few comic book stores and the value of Comic Books was relatively minimal. Sparkle City began attending conventions wherever they could find them across the Nation. In 1977, Sparkle City began hiring talented comic experts and soon dominated the back issue mail order and comic convention markets.

Sparkle City formed a special relationship with Creation Conventions and both companies quickly established a major National Profile. Sparkle City’s work with Creation, Alan Light of the Original Comic Buyer’s Guide, and Marvel Comic’s Carol Kahlish was pivotal in increasing Marvel Circulation and print runs. This, combined with the creation of direct distribution of new comics by Phil Seuling, and the subsequent accomplishments of Steve Geppi who took direct distribution to the next level when Phil Seuling died at far too young an age, led to a proliferation of comic book stores nationwide beginning in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.

On the heels of Marvel’s circulation growth, DC also increased their print runs significantly. During this period there was no Internet, and the vast majority of comic value growth occurred at Comic Conventions and through the Comic Book Buyer’s Guide, which was then published weekly. Working with every major comic dealer, nationwide, throughout the late 1970’s and the 1980’s Sparkle City Comics became and remained the nation’s top dealer until the very early 1990’s.

Sparkle City Comics maintained it’s growth and dominance nationwide over the years as comic collecting was transformed from a fledgling hobby into a Multi- billion dollar Industry. No single person was more pivotal in increasing market values and forging sustained market trends than SPARKLE CITY COMICS. This is an inarguable fact.

As a teenager, Steve Fishler, the founder of METROPOLIS COMICS, worked for SPARKLE CITY. Obviously he learned a great deal from his experience there. In the very early 1990’s the original founder of Sparkle City, left the comic industry due to a culmination of self-destructive behavior. The crash of this man on a personal and professional level was a sad event that left many affected. In the process of destroying his credibility, relationships and forever ruining his name in the comic business he also took Sparkle City Comics down with him. It wasn’t until 2008 when an enterprising young man, who recalled purchasing his first vintage comic book ever from Sparkle City, came up with an idea and plan to help Sparkle City rise from the ashes of the previous founder’s poor choices and re-establish the brand, this time with a more professional and legitimate backing.

In 2011 Brian Schutzer secured ownership over the abandoned Sparkle City name and branding rights and re-founded Sparkle City Comics.

Brian Schutzer then impressively restored SPARKLE CITY COMICS to a position of national importance.


680 Route 211 East
Unit 7
Middletown, NY 10941