Whether you’re an avid comic book collector or you add comics to your collection at a leisurely pace, buying more comic books seems to always be a good idea.

Then a recession comes around, and you wonder if it’s still a prudent idea to buy comic books during an economic downturn.

The answer is- it depends.

Please remember that this is not financial advice, and always consult a financial professional for big financial decisions. Here are some things to think about when buying comic books during a recession:

Think Twice About Investing In Comic Books If Your Financial Situation Is Uncertain

Everyone’s financial situation is different, especially during recessions. Sure, some great deals may come around and you’ll find fantastic comic books for sale during a recession. But if your own financial situation isn’t great at that time, you should think twice about buying more comic books unless you’re absolutely certain your basic needs will be met.

Don’t Count On Flipping Them For A Quick Profit

Some people buy and hold their comics, others try to flip them for a quick profit. If your plan was the latter, then be aware- flipping items during a recession adds more risk than usual. If you’ve never sold during a recession before or you don’t have much room for error, be aware that things may not go your way.

Don’t Spend Money You May Need Soon

Going back to the first point, no matter how great a deal may be, unless your basic living needs are met, it doesn’t really matter. If you need your cash for everyday living expenses, don’t blow that money on buying a new comic book regardless of how great of a deal it is!

Be Patient And Wait For The Right Comics To Buy

There are always comic books going up for sale. If you’re set on adding to your collection, don’t jump at the first item that catches your eye. Patience really does pay off in these situations, no matter how hard that may be.

Negotiate Your Buying Price

There’s always room for negotiation when buying comic books, but during a recession people may have more flexibility than usual for a number of reasons. Once you stay patient and find a comic book you want to make an offer on, negotiate your price and don’t settle until you’re comfortable. Remember- it’s ok to walk away if you like the item but don’t like the price. That’s part of the patience!

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