Selling your comic books to a pawn shop should be reserved for those rare moments you absolutely need to sell your comic books as fast as possible, and it doesn’t necessarily matter at what price.

While these are obviously not the best of circumstances for selling a comic book, it’s certainly the fastest.

Here are our tips for selling your comic books to a pawn shop to try and make the process as fair and easy as possible for you:

Know What Your Comic Book Is Worth

Pawn shops make money through moving inventory as fast as possible. The longer they sit on inventory, the less cash flow they have available for their next purchases. Therefore they need to sell their inventory at low prices, which means they need to buy it from you at an even lower price in order to make a profit. There’s a fine line between getting an unfortunately low price for your comic books, and getting ripped off, and if you know what your comic book is worth, you can prevent yourself from getting ripped off. What is your comic book worth? A main indicator is the age of the comic book. Another indicator is the condition, or grade, which is why we always urge people to store their comic books properly to preserve their value!

Don’t Expect A Good Selling Price

When selling to pawn shops, you need to manage your expectations. You simply will not get a good price. So if you’re trying to make money buying and selling comic books, your selling strategy should not be to sell to pawn shops! As mentioned before, the benefit of selling to a pawn shop is simply the speed of the transaction.

If Possible, Shop Around

The best thing you can do for yourself when selling your comics to a pawn shop is to shop around. Try to get an offer from at least two pawn shops in order to keep them honest. Let them know you’re shopping around, and ask for their best price possible. Stress that you’re ready to make a decision on the spot if the price is right. If there are local pawn shops near you, this is easy. If not, you could try to reach out to other local places to sell your comic books to and hope they buy comic books fast and for cash.

Ideally, Sell To Sparkle City Comics Instead!

Luckily, you can get the best of both worlds by selling your comic books to Sparkle City Comics. We pride ourselves in fast, easy transactions. Simply give us a call at 800-743-9205 or fill out our seller inquiry form and we will help you right away! We buy and sell millions of dollars worth of comic books every year and we would love to be able to help you out too!

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  1. It was really nice how you said that when it comes to looking for a pawn shop, the best way to do it is to shop around first and get estimates from at least two different places in order to get the best prices available. I am sure that you made this for comic books, but I am pretty sure it will apply similarly to pieces of jewelry. I have decided to sell off the pieces of jewelry that I received from a friend because I have no use for them and pawning was the first thing that came to mind. Thank you for the idea!

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