Spider-Man fans, listen up! We have three amazing and culturally relevant Spider-Man Marvel Comics up for auction right now. All of them are CGC rated and each contains a first appearance of a character.

Amazing Spider-Man #2 CGC 5.0 VINTAGE Marvel Comic KEY 1st Vulture Appearance

This Silver Age comic has been rated 5.0 by CGC. It’s a truly vintage Marvel Comic any collector would be proud to own. It’s also the first appearance of Vulture.

Amazing Spider-Man #129 CGC 7.0 HIGH GRADE Marvel Comic KEY 1st Punisher Appearance

This Bronze Age comic has been rated 7.0 Fine/Very Fine by CGC and has off-white to white pages. This is the book that contains the first appearance of Punisher.

Amazing Spider-Man #15 CGC 5.5 VINTAGE Marvel Comic KEY 1st Kraven the Hunter Appearance

Finally, we have a Bronze Age comic rated 5.5 by CGC. It has off-white pages. This is the first appearance of Kraven the Hunter.

If you have comics you’d like to sell, we’d love to hear what you have. We are one of the largest nationwide buyers of comics because we pay all cash and we’ll travel to you for items we’re really interested in.

Give us a call at 800-743-9205 or fill out our short seller inquiry form and we’ll get the process kicked off for you.

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