If you want to sell your comic books for top dollar, you need to store them properly as early on as possible. If you want to enjoy your comic books forever, you need to store them properly as early on as possible. Just to be clear– you should store your comic books properly as early on as possible!

What does that even mean? What are the basics? Just make sure you store them in sleeves in a cool, dry place, ideally in a closet on the main level of your home and not in an attic or basement.

But here are the fine details if you REALLY want to care for your comics and store them properly:

Store in a consistent 50-70°F. This is essentially room temperature or a bit cooler. Any colder than 50°F and you risk drying the paper out. Make sure that the ambient temperature is consistent as well– drastic swings can accelerate the aging process, even if the temperature remains within this safe zone.

Store in 40-60% consistent relative humidity. Again, most average rooms at average room temperature will be within this range. The important thing to note is that it remains consistent, and because relative humidity can change even within the same room, it’s important to store comic books away from windows and doors, which can cause the relative humidity to fluctuate. Having a fan always running in the same room that the comics are stored in will also help even out any changes in temperature or humidity.

Avoid direct light. Sunlight and fluorescent bulbs emit strong UV rays that can fade colors and degrade paper structure. Incandescent lighting is best.

Store comic books upright. This is more of a controversial rule because it doesn’t apply to all comic books. Some people suggest storing comics upright will cause unnecessary stress on staples and the spine, but if proper precautions are taken, upright storage is the way to go.

Avoid storing comic books in the attic or basement. These areas of homes have the most extreme temperatures and relative humidities. If you have no choice but to store them in the basement or attic, leave them at least a foot off the floor in case of flooding, and as far away from plumbing as possible in the case of a leak.

Store in a sleeve with a backboard. Alternate the directions of which you store the comics so that there’s less pressure on the spines and everything is distributed evenly. Change sleeves every 7 years for best protection.

Store in acid-free cardboard boxes. There are cardboard boxes made specially for storing comic books. These are great because they are the perfect size and material.

With these tips, your comic books will definitely be in great condition, whether you want to read them forever or eventually sell them. Remember, if you do want to sell them, sell them for cash on the spot at the best price possible to us! We’re always buying comic books, so let us know!

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