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Fill out the form below or call us at 800-743-9205

Fill out this form or call us at 800-743-9205

Sparkle City Comics is one of the largest comic book buyers in the USA. We spend MILLIONS each year buying everything from single books to entire collections.

We generally look for comics from 1970 and earlier, but we also buy modern ones too. We also buy comic art and other comic-related collectibles!

**Important Notice For Prospective Sellers**
We are serious buyers and we want to hear from you, but we cannot purchase everything we are offered. Although we do buy many different types of comics, please understand we may not be in the market for your specific items. Even among the things we do buy, if your collection size/value is too small to justify the travel or shipping expenses we may be unable to purchase. We will do our best to respond to everyone and provide guidance if we’re not interested.