So you have some extra cash available and you want to invest in something other than traditional stocks and bonds? There are so many alternative investment options available, but few more fun than investing in comic books!

As with any investment, and especially with alternative investments, there is risk involved. So you should definitely consult with an expert or investment advisor prior to making any major investment decisions with comic books.

With that being said, there are a number of tips and strategies, that if followed, could help guide you in the right direction when investing in comic books. Here’s some tips from Sparkle City Comics:

Know Your Timeline

As with any successful investment, there is a purchase and there is a sale, hopefully for profit. But the biggest variable is how long do you plan on holding the comic book before you sell it? If you’re getting a crazy good deal when purchasing it, maybe you want to flip it as fast as possible. If you’re buying a very rare comic book at a reasonable price, maybe you want to hold it and let is accumulate value before you sell it. Defining your goals and expectations before making a purchase will help you make smarter decisions.

Buy Low, Sell High

The key to profit is very simple– buy low, sell high. Thinking about the entire process will help keep you grounded when making buying and selling decisions such as where you will look for things to buy and sell, as well as what are reasonable prices.

Start Small

Don’t jump head first into comic book investing. Start small, find your niche and find your groove. Find what you’re good at and what you enjoy. This will help prevent any burnout you may experience and allow you to keep the anticipation high for the next transaction. It will also help you minimize your risk as you learn the process.

Care For The Comic Books Properly

One of the worst things that could happen is you buy a great comic book and have a great plan to profit from it, but it gets destroyed while you’re storing it. Make sure to protect your investment and it’s value by storing your comic books properly.

Choose Comics That Excite You

Last but not least, when you have plenty of options, it’s always a safe bet to choose to purchase a comic book that interests you. Never let emotional decisions sway your buying and selling to unreasonable levels, but keeping your interests aligned with your investments is a great way to stay motivated and interested in the process from beginning to end.

Have you invested in any exciting comic books? Do you have any tips you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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