Comic Book Consignment Services

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Contact us to see if your comic books or collection qualify for our unbeatable comic book consignment service. Put the sales power of the #1 eBay comic book dealer to work for you. The Biggest seller on the Biggest Auction Site in the world will maximize your return!

What is Consignment?

Consignment puts Sparkle City Comics to work for you. Typically you provide the items to us and we do all of the work and sell the items for you. You do not pay anything for this service until the item sells. Once a consigned item has sold, we charge a commission based on the sale price. Upon clearance of payment, we pay you the amount of the sale minus our commission.

What kind of items can be Consigned?

We are currently accepting individual comic books with a minimum value of $300 as well as Original Comic Book artwork.

Entire collections may be consigned with Sparkle City Comics, if the books do not meet our criteria there is a good chance that our sister company, Neat Stuff Collectibles, can assist you too!

Do my comics have to be CGC graded?

No, we would be happy to submit the books to CGC on your behalf. This would entitle you to our 20% discount on grading fees. The associated costs would be deducted when your payment is issued.

What are the commission rates for consignment?

For single items:
$5000 and up – 10% (You receive 90% of final sale price)
$2500 – $5000 – 20% (You receive 80% of the final sale price)
$300 – $2500 – 25% (You receive 75% of the final sale price)

When should I expect payment for my sold items?

Due to eBay guidelines and policies, we can issue payment approx. 25 days
from when payment is received.

Average eBay payment received – 7 days from auction
Shipping time – 1 day
Return policy – 14 days after items received

This may be shorter or longer depending on how quickly payment is received.

Given the amount of comic book collections we purchase every week, and the flood of requests for consignments we must be very selective in what we accept on consignment.

Sparkle City Comics not only offers the lowest consignment rate in the business, but our service is the fastest around and our proprietary methods for grade maximization are unmatched!

680 Route 211 East
Unit 7
Middletown, NY 10941