If you’ve decided to sell your comic books, you probably want to sell them fast!

When people think about selling comic books, they usually think about selling them on eBay or in the classifieds. But these methods will definitely not get cash in your pocket fast– between filling out all the information, answering questions, and waiting, it takes a long time.

Fortunately there are better solutions for you to sell your comic books as fast as possible, get your cash and call it a day!

Local Pawn Shop

No matter where you are, there’s probably a pawn shop within driving distance to you. If you want a fast transaction, there’s nothing faster than selling to a pawn shop. You walk in, negotiate a selling price, exchange your comic books for cash and walk out. Now obviously this will not yield the highest selling price for you compared to other methods, but that’s what you get for the convenience of having a fast transaction.

Local Collectibles Store

Selling your comic books to a local comic books store can be as fast and easy as a pawn shop. Unfortunately, collectible stores are fewer and far between than pawn shops, so you may not be lucky enough to have one close by. If you do, you’ll fetch more money selling comic books to a comic books store than to a pawn shop. This is because the comic books shop can sell comic books for more money, so they’d be willing to pay more for them.

A Collectibles Broker Like Sparkle City Comics

If you’re looking to sell your comic books fast for the best price, then a comic book broker such as us at Sparkle City Comics is who you want to speak to. Because we are in the business of buying-and-selling comic books, we know exactly where and how to sell comic books for top dollar, so we would be willing to pay the highest price compared to anyone for your comic books.

Sparkle City Comics isn’t any ordinary comic books broker– we are one of the largest in the world, spending millions each year buying comic books. We pride ourselves in fast cash and consignment transactions, and will even travel to you to make it happen! So if you want to sell your comic books fast, call us at 800-743-9205 or fill out our inquiry form and we can chat!

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  1. The section on Sell your Comics of your site is not working. hopefully posting here I will get a reply to my inquiry for items I want to sell.

    1. Hi Damien! Try this link— it’s still not working for you? If you’re still having problems, please call us at 800-743-9205. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. I have a recent collection that I just want to get off my my hands they are not old titles but titles from 2014-2016
    I realise they are not old by any means but so have been trying to sell these now for months. Please need these comics off my hands if you would like more info email me at.

  3. I have boxes of comics from early 1980s. They are whizzer and chips. Beezer and victor.
    Are you interested or do you know anyone who would be

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