Comic books are notoriously tough to place a value on. There are so many factors to consider such as the comic book grade, the state of the market and what other similar comics sold for recently.

With so much confusion, it’s easy to focus on the wrong things and make mistakes when buying, selling and holding comic books.

Here are some secrets about comic book pricing and valuations that all collectors should know:

Comic Book Conditions Are Standardized, But Qualitative

There’s a sliding scale of different comic book conditions used in the industry. But even with well-defined definitions of each rating from best to worst, a lot of this is moreso opinion rather than fact. Of course you’ll get a more trustworthy and reliable appraisal from a comic book expert, such as the ones that work here at Sparkle City Comics! Having a reliable appraisal will be very worthwhile to potential sellers and can help you make better future decisions in terms of buying or holding.

Most Value Will Be Lost Due To Degradation Of Condition

Unfortunately most of a comic book’s value is typically lost due to its condition degrading because it was stored improperly. This may be shocking to collectors who go out of their way to only purchase comics in great condition, only to let them slowly rot away in improper storage conditions. Exposure to air and humidity are the main culprits, but did you know that even rapid fluctuations in temperature and humidity can also cause damage? No matter what a comic’s condition is when you take ownership, you should always store it properly to protect your investment!

It’s Always Worth Getting A Second Opinion

We here at Sparkle City Comics frequently perform comic book appraisals as part of the selling process, but also as a standalone service to individual collectors looking to better understand their comic book’s valuation or for someone looking to get a second opinion on an appraisal they have already completed. No matter how you choose to involve Sparkle City in your buying or selling process, it’s always worthwhile to have multiple appraisals or multiple offers from buyers because there simply isn’t one right answer.

The Market Dictates Pricing More Than People Realize

Yes, it’s important to understand how your specific comic’s condition will affect it’s valuation and final selling price. But another factor people forget is the market itself. If the economy isn’t doing so well, there will be less buyer interest and therefore valuations will be lower and offers will be fewer and farther between, forcing you to accept lower prices. However if the economy is hot, there will more than likely always be interest especially in higher priced and rarer comics. This is why it’s important to take economic conditions into account when you determine your comics worth based on sales of similar comics.

Let Sparkle City Comics Help You Buy, Sell And Trade Comics

Whether you’re interested in getting an appraisal, a second opinion, or want to go ahead and start the process of selling your comics, let Sparkle City Comics be your go-to resource. You can always give us a call at 800-743-9205 or fill out our no-obligation seller inquiry form and one of our experts will be able to help you out!

And don’t forget to check out what comic books we have for sale!

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