So you want to sell your comic books. You have so many options, so many decisions. And they all can be good decisions or bad decisions depending on what you want.

Do you want to receive the most amount of money possible for your comic books? Do you want a very fast transaction and cash on the spot? Do you want to sell in person or over the internet?

These are questions you need to answer in order to figure out the best way to sell your comic books.

Here’s the ultimate guide to selling your comic books based on your preferences–

If you want to sell your comic books fast

If you’re busy or don’t expect to get much for your comic books, then speed is probably what’s most important to you. If that’s the case, then these are your two best options for selling your comic books fast:

Local Pawn Shop
No matter where you are, there’s probably a pawn shop within driving distance to you. If you want a fast transaction, there’s nothing faster than selling to a pawn shop. You walk in, negotiate a selling price, exchange your comic books for cash and walk out. Now obviously this will not yield the highest selling price for you compared to other methods, but that’s what you get for the convenience of having a fast transaction.

Local Comic Book Store Store
Selling your comic books to a local comic books store can be as fast and easy as a pawn shop. Unfortunately, comic book stores stores are fewer and far between than pawn shops, so you may not be lucky enough to have one close by. If you do, you’ll fetch more money selling comic books to a comic books store than to a pawn shop. This is because the comic books shop can sell comic books for more money, so they’d be willing to pay more for them.

If you want to sell your comic books for cash

Sometimes you just want cash, but you’re ok with a slower and more labor-intensive process. If this is the case, then the best way for you to sell your comic books for cash would be selling them online:

In order to sell anything online, it takes a lot of time and a lot of inside knowledge of both the thing you’re selling and the platform you’re selling on. With that being said, if you have the time and knowledge, this is a good option. Still not as good as selling to us, but a good option nonetheless!

If you want to sell your comic books for the absolute best price

Usually, you have to decide whether or not you want to sacrifice speed or price when selling your comic books. But there’s a third way– selling to Sparkle City Comics!

We specialize in buying-and-selling comic books, and we spend millions every year to do so. Our process is fast, simple, and yields you the best price possible, which usually also involves a cash payment on the spot!

Interested in learning more? Give us a call at 800-743-9205 or fill out our seller inquiry form!

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  1. have many spiderman comics form mid 70’s to early 80’s. marvel tales,marvel team up, and amazing spiderman.

  2. I am 55,have a lifetime of comics,from the 70s,80,90s,etc need to sell the entire collection,would you be interested

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