If you want to sell your lovely comic books, you’re probably looking to get cash for them. Luckily, there’s a huge market for comic books and more than likely you could sell them that same day for cash if you really wanted. However you do have plenty of options to choose from, each with their own individual pros and cons.

Here’s places we suggest you consider if you want to sell your comic books for cash:

Sparkle City Comics

Pros: Cash on spot, Will travel to you to appraise comic books, Will buy entire collection at once
Cons: None!
The Bottom Line: Ok, we’re biased. But that doesn’t mean we’re wrong. We will travel to you and make an offer. If you accept it, we will pay you cash on the spot for your entire collection. We spend millions each year on comic books, let us make an offer on your collection! We pay top dollar and have the easiest transaction possible.

Local comic book store

Pros: Same day cash
Cons: Probably not the best price
The Bottom Line: The comic book store probably doesn’t have tons of extra cash on-hand, so they will really push for the best price possible. Plus they need to make sure they turn a profit and sell it fast in their store, which means they will not pay top dollar.

Local pawn shop

Pros: Same day cash
Cons: Will not get anywhere close to book value
The Bottom Line: This is the same situation at the local comic book store, but less attractive. They are not comic book experts and neither are their clientele, so they will need to buy the comic books from you at pennies on the dollar in order to be able to turn around and also sell them at a very cheap price and still make a profit. If you need to unload your comic books fast, this is an easy way to do so, but don’t expect a good price.


Pros: Good chance at selling at or above face value
Cons: Time consuming, Need Expertise In Proper Selling Techniques
The Bottom Line: In order to sell anything online, it takes a lot of time and a lot of inside knowledge of both the thing you’re selling and the platform you’re selling on. With that being said, if you have the time and knowledge, this is a good option. Still not as good as selling to us, but a good option nonetheless!

Each of these will vary in how much you can expect to be paid in cash relative to the comic books actual value. In order to protect yourself and make sure you get as much as possible for your comic books, make sure you have a general idea of their value. Yes, this may take a bit of work and preparation — such as noting the condition and era of each comic book you’re selling — but that time spent will pay dividends when you finalize your transaction.

We really do hope you choose us when you decide to sell your comic books for cash. We’d love to chat with you before you do make a decision, so please give us a call at 800-743-9205 or fill out our form and we will get in touch with you shortly!

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