Comic books are great entertainment and just a great collectible overall. But if and when the time comes to sell your comic books, the biggest question is always– sell them online or sell them locally?

We go through the benefits of each in the article linked above. If you do decide to sell your comic books online, we first recommend you make sure you value your comic books properly and then consider these possible outlets to sell them in:

Sparkle City Comics

Pros: Highest payout, cash payment on the spot, will travel to you to assess
Cons: NONE!
Bottom line: Ok, we may be biased. But in terms of getting the most for your money, getting cash on the spot, and having the easiest transaction possible– we are the best option. We will travel to you to review your comic book collection, and if you like our offer and accept it, we will pay you cash on the spot. What’s better than that? We spend millions each year buying comic books for a reason!


Pros: Huge potential audience
Cons: High fees, time-consuming, need advanced knowledge of selling process
Bottom line: eBay is both a blessing and a curse for people selling things online. It takes a certain level of expertise to know when to start and end auctions, what to set the starting big price at, etc. Even if you get all those things right, it takes a lot of time to run a successful auction between answering questions, taking pictures and preparing shipments. If you have the time, it may be worth it to put an auction up and hope you find a very attractive buyer.


Pros: Free to post, easy
Cons: Not much exposure to the right buyers, limited geographically, time-consuming
Bottom line: Craigslist is quick and easy, but you will probably not find many willing buyers on the platform and will therefore end up selling your comic books for less than you’d like. Plus there’s usually a geographical limit on Craigslist– if you’re not in a very highly populated area, you may not get any offers at all.

A Meetup

Pros: Easy, face-to-face transaction, no fees
Cons: Very limited access to buyers
Bottom line: Very similar to Craigslist but a bit more targeted. If you go to comic book-related Meetups, you may find a willing buyer or at least a great platform to announce your interest in selling your comic books. Again, there may be a limiting geographical factor here.

Your Own Network (Email, Facebook, Twitter, etc)

Pros: Easy, trusted transaction
Cons: Tough doing business with friends and family, might not get in front of right buyer
Bottom line: If you’re ok with soliciting sales to friends and family, posting on your social media that you’re interested in selling your comic books may be a quick and easy way to unload those comic books. However it does get uncomfortable negotiating with friends and family, so you may not get the best offer possible.

Hopefully this allowed you to consider all options when selling your comic books and you can turn a nice profit on them. We really hope you do choose us, so please give us a call at 800-743-9205 or fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly!

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  1. I have 32 vintage “Weird Tales” magazines (dated from 1937 – 1953) that my late husband purchased in the late 1960’s. Each one came wrapped in plastic, and they were never read after purchase. I would describe their condition as good. I can send specifics if you would be interested. Similar items seem to sell well on Ebay.

  2. Hi my name is Dennis I will be selling my comic collection just wondering if you would be interested I have approx 3,500 comics

  3. I have Glory Bound Justice League America part. 1 of 5 for sale. I also have Star Wars General Grievous, Excalibur (Blame it on Phoenix), Excalibur (The Cross Time Caper) and Darkhawk.

  4. I have been using and furthermore I have around 1400 Comic Books however I have only typed in a very few limited number of Comic Books so far my wife and I have typed in 1070 and we the reason why it’s taking such a long time is due to we wanted to get a appraisal from the local Comic Book shop as well as my Comic shop they have been helping me out quite a bit and with us only having 1070 COMIC BOOK’S we have a value so of $22,937.26 and furthermore we have managed to buy a overstreet price guide to verify the comic book values as well and furthermore we are interested in selling what we have for the most money possible and we also would like your help in filling out the paperwork online to submit some Comic Books to CGC to get them graded because my husband may be a bit much to some people but then again so am I and furthermore I am curious about selling them to anyone during the pandemic situation going on right now so if I was to fill out the form online at your store I take it is there any type of guarantee that there’s something was to happen with the riots or with you becoming ill due to covid-19 or the comic books that I send you would I receive them back or do you have some type of insurance policy. For the comic books I would be trusting you and your staff with. Or do you perhaps Purchase up front for Comic Books and I will let you know only 5 of my comic books are graded the rest are not but I do own a lot of vintage comic books and I own a near mint condition Complete Collection of WORLD’S FINEST COMICS and furthermore I did buy them from my comic shop as well as NEAL ADAMS who is a close friend of mine and furthermore I have SUPERMAN Comic Books, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, STAR SPANGLED WAR STORIES , GREEN LANTERN, DEADPOOL #1, DETECTIVE COMICS, BATMAN, SGT. FURY, SGT ROCK, AVENGERS, OUR FIGHTING FORCES THE LOSERS, G.I. COMBAT TANK, THOR, ADVENTURE COMICS, ARCHIE LAUGH OUT JOKE BOOK, CRYPT OF SHADOWS #1, BROTHER POWER THE GEEK SET, AND TONS OF MORE BAGGED AND BOARDED COMIC BOOK’S FOR SALE.

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