If you’ve browsed this site, you probably know by now that selling your comics to Sparkle City Comics is the best way to sell your comic books for cash. But there’s actually a few ways we buy comic book collections from people, and one the most lucrative ways you can sell to us is to sell your comic books on consignment with us.

By selling on consignment, you essentially send us your comic books and we sell them on your behalf, taking a small cut of the final proceeds as commission and you get the vast majority of the funds.

Why is this better for you? Well, because it’s a lot less risky for all parties concerned, it’s usually an easier transaction. It also provides you as the seller with much more of an upside in the final transaction as opposed to a cash upfront sale since those sorts of transactions have inherent risks in them for the buyer, and those risks need to be priced into any purchase price.

Our consignment process is actually very simple–

Contact us

First, let us know you’re thinking about selling your comics books on consignment to us! Call us at 800-743-9205 or fill out our sellers inquiry form and we will get the conversation rolling!

We all agree to the terms

The great thing about consignment deals is that we’re all on the same team! We want the comic book collection to sell for as much as possible, because you get more money and we get a higher commission! There are a few details that need to be worked out and agreed upon, but the main one is the commission structure.

This is much easier than negotiating a price for a comic book, since we don’t need to put a value on the comic book before it actually sells, which can be tricky and emotionally-driven.

Ship us the comic books

Once all the details of the transaction are agreed upon, you will ship us the items and we will sell them on your behalf. Only once they sell do we collect our commission, so it’s very low risk for you as the seller.

We sell them for you, you get cash

Since we are the leaders in buying and selling comic books and have an exclusive partnership with eBay as well as extensive connections in the industry, we could sell comic books for much higher prices than the average individual. Your cash is usually sent to you about 25 days after the item is sold and payment is received.

Are you interested in selling your comic books to us on consignment? Awesome! Give us a call at 800-743-9205 or fill out our sellers inquiry form and we will try to figure out a way to work together!

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