So you want to sell your comics to a comic book store? That’s fine! Whether you’re buying and selling comics to make money, or you’re simply a collector looking to unload some editions, everyone needs to sell at some point.

Here are our tips, hints and suggestions to help you yield the best selling price possible with a smooth transaction and no headaches!

Know The Condition Of Your Comic Books

A major determining factor for the value and ultimate selling price of your comic book is the condition that it’s in. Comic books have a very standardized grading system that range from Mint to Poor. Be sure to get a professional opinion on the grade of your comic books, as this will be a marketable characteristic. This is also why we always urge people to store their comic books properly!

Know The Age Of Your Comic Books

Another major factor in the value of your comic book is its age, another standardized system in the comic book industry. Comic book ages range from Golden, Silver, Bronze and Modern, from oldest to newest.

Know What Your Comic Books Are Worth

By knowing the condition and age as mentioned above, you can build a pretty good estimate of what your comic book is worth. But to get the best estimate possible, you should compare your comic book to recent public sales of similar versions in terms of condition and where they were sold. This will give you the best indication possible of what a fair selling price is, and arm you with the information you need to sell your comic book to a local comic book store.

Decide If You Want Cash, Credit Or Consignment

Once you know what your comic book is roughly worth, you can hone in on an appropriate selling price based on where you’re looking to sell. If you’re looking to sell to a local comic book store and have the luxury of shopping around to get multiple offers, you can expect a fair price close to the estimated value. But if you simply want to sell your comic book as fast as possible, you should probably not expect the best price.

Sell To Sparkle City Comics

We here at Sparkle City Comics really pride ourselves on delivering the best of both worlds– the ease of selling to a local comic book store, with the luxury of selling at the best price possible. We spend millions each year buying and selling comic books, and would love to talk to you about the comic books you’re looking to sell! So please call us at 800-743-9205 or fill out our seller inquiry form and we will help you right away!

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  1. I have 27 year old comics I would like to sell at a good price my phone is 720-526-9183 my email is acting up

  2. I have a comic book collection I’d like to sell. I have about 300 comics, mostly Wolverine and X-men from 1989-1996. I also have early GI Joe. I also have some haunted/monster type comics from the 70s.

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