Interested in making extra money on the side? Who isn’t! If you enjoy comic books, flipping comic books for profit could be a great fit for you. But there are many other factors to consider before jumping right in and making some investments.

Here’s a list of things you should consider prior to deciding to buy and sell comic books for cash:

Do You Truly Enjoy Comic Books?

You don’t necessarily need to love comic books in order to successfully flip them for a profit, but it certainly does make the process much easier and much more enjoyable. Like any side hustle, it takes a lot of hard work, especially in the beginning. If you don’t absolutely love comic books, the process could become less and less fun for you, which puts you at risk for giving it up for something else.

Have You Flipped Items For Profit Before?

At the end of the day, flipping anything for a profit is more or less the same process- buy low and sell high. Within that process takes a lot of different skill sets, know-how and experience. If you’ve successfully flipped things before you’re one step ahead of the competition and know what to expect. Never flipped anything before? That’s ok too! Just be sure to start small and think of this just as much as a learning experience as it is a source of income until you really get the hang of things.

Do You Need This Additional Income To Survive?

Flipping comic books can be a very unstable and unpredictable source of income unless you’re doing it at a very large scale. If you need this stream of income to survive, you should treat it more so as a business instead of a side gig. That means you’ll need to have systemic, repeatable processes in place, a lot of working capital to buy and market your items for sale, potentially hire help and be prepared to work hard. And even then, income isn’t guaranteed. It’s much less stressful if this source of income is just seen as extra money and not necessary income.

Let Sparkle City Comics Be A Resource For You!

Regardless of how often you flip comic books for sale, let Sparkle City Comics be a resource for you! If you’re looking for comic books to acquire, you can always check out what we have for sale over at our eBay Auctions page. If you’re interested in selling your comic books for cash, we can also help there simply by giving us a call at 800-743-9205 or fill out this seller inquiry form. We also offer other premier comic book services should you find yourself needing estate sale consultations, comic book appraisal services or comic book investment counseling.

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  1. Yes I am yes I am interested in selling my comic books as a side hustle I am currently 49 and dealing with some health issues I’ve been sitting on the comic books for years knowing that I was sitting on something that was profitable was waiting till I could see them sold at on eBay or Amazon but now my health is declining and I’ve just been sitting on them and I really need help to sell them I think they’re worth something.

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