Are you looking to sell some of your comic books locally because you think it’s the easiest option? Or maybe you think it’s the only option?

Think again. You have plenty more options, and some of them may be better for you. Plus there are drawbacks you may not realize by only focusing on a local sale. Here’s why you may want to consider not selling your comic books to your local comic book store:

Is Your Local Comic Book Store Big Enough?

If you want to sell your comic books to your local comic book store, you need to make sure they’re big enough. A big store will attract big crowds, so they know they’re more likely to sell what they buy from you and would be willing to pay more to make that happen.

Will Your Comic Book Store Pay You Cash On The Spot?

Believe it or not, some comic book stores won’t pay you cash on the spot but would prefer to give you store credit or to sell the comic book on consignment. This may work for some people in very specific circumstances, but the majority of people just want cash.

Sparkle City Comics Is The Answer! Whether You Are Local To Us Or Not, Sell Your Comic Books To Us!

We Pay Cash On The Spot For Items We Want

Sparkle City Comics prides ourselves on making all-cash top-dollar offers for items we’re interested in. So if getting the best offer possible on your comics is important to you, don’t sell them until you let us take a look and potentially make an offer!

We Will Travel To You If You Have A Large Enough Collection, If Not We Can Do Everything Virtually

We’re located in Middletown, NY, so if you’re local to us- great! If you’re not local to us, but you have a collection we make be interested in, we’ll travel to you to take a look at them and potentially make an all-cash top-dollar offer on the spot. What’s easier than that? And even if we don’t travel to you, we can do a lot of the transaction virtually. Basically, we can make this process as easy for you as possible. That’s why people keep coming back to us!

We Are One Of The Largest Buyers & Sellers Of Comic Books Nationwide

Because we take your happiness so seriously, we’ve grown from coast-to-coast and frequently complete transactions nationwide. This has given us the scale to provide great service, make great offers and keep everyone happy!

Ready To Sell Your Comics To Us?

Ready to sell your comic books to us? Give us a call at 800-743-9205 or fill out our seller inquiry form and someone will help you kick off the process!

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