It’s always a good idea to know the general value of the assets you own, and this includes your comic books. If you want to sell them, knowing their value will give you a good idea of what a good price is, as well as which marketplaces would be ideal for you to list in. If you want to hold onto them, it’s just a fun exercise to see how much their worth!

So how do you go about getting your comic books appraised?

eBay search history

No appraisal will be 100% accurate– even experts can provide nothing more than an educated guess. The true price of a comic book is the price someone is willing to pay, no more no less. Therefore, one of the most accurate appraisal methods is to research the selling prices of similar items. This is not an exact science because every sale will be different, from comic book condition to current market conditions. However, comparing what similar comic books sold for on eBay by searching through completed listings will give you a great baseline to work from.

Auction House

Large auction houses are experts in pricing items and selling them. If your item is of somewhat significant value, many auction houses will at least give you an estimated price to expect. This can be as easy as calling them up and asking their opinion.

Decide Which Marketplace Is Best

Once you have a general idea what your comic book is worth, you need to take into account where it will be selling. Some marketplaces will sell your items at a premium to its book value, and some you should expect to sell your comic book at a discount from book value. One of the biggest factors in determining the premium of a marketplace is its reach- if it reaches a lot of potential buyers, they will usually sell items at a higher price since there’s a good chance many interested and willing buyers will come across your listing and bid the price up. This is where eBay and other online marketplaces can be valuable. On the flipside, local marketplaces such as small estate sales and regional websites are easier to sell on but won’t have as much of a reach and therefore will yield lower-than-expected selling prices.

Sparkle City Comics

For the best of both worlds, reach out to us at Sparkle City Comics if you have an appraisal question about your comic books. Better yet, if you’re interested in getting an appraisal to prepare to sell your comic books, we can help you determine the proper value for your comic books, and if we are interested in purchasing them, will offer an all-cash offer on the spot! We make it even easier by offering to travel to you if it’s a large collection.

Let us help! Our team is eagerly awaiting your call. You can always reach us at 800-743-9205 or via our seller inquiry form!

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  1. Dear Sir or Madame, I am wondering if you are near the town of Fallbrook California. Or north San Diego County. I want to pay for a proper appraisal for my comic book collection, which is in sixteen airtight containers. I have comics from the silver and bronze age and the 70’s to modern age as well. Most of them are mint condition never been opened, and some in near mint condition. DC, Marvel, Image, Top Cow, Impact, etc. I have tons of old Spiderman and Superman, Ironman, Fantastic Four, Avengers, West Coast Avengers, Spider woman, Superboy, Thor, too many to count. A lot of them are First Edition, Direct Editions, and some of them are signed, etc. I want to pay a professional accredited comic book Appraiser to know how much it is worth. It would take a while for the appraiser to look through it all, so I would like to schedule an appointment at their earliest convenience. Please call me Erin Valdez at 760-847-3480. I am willing to travel anywhere in San Diego or Riverside Counties. Thank you, Erin Valdez
    (Future Customer)

  2. I’ve already been ripped off, 20 plus years ago. Gave my late 40’s up to mid 60’s 3,000 of them to a Woman (trusted her) who gave me $700 plus for two. So stupid me I let her keep them all, to sell an we’d split money. Well one day She just disappeared, lock stock an barrel. Never been able to find her. I’ve got an open Case on her but No luck. So I’m a bit Gun S about getting some Help. So?
    I only know about a Few I have left (Hulk #180,181) but just read them never really looked for value. Some from mid 60’s up till about ten years ago.

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