Whether you consider your comic books a source of entertainment or you consider your comic books a great investment, or both, deciding when you’re ready to sell them is a big decision, let alone how and where to sell them.

The biggest question people usually have when selling their comic books is whether or not to sell them online or to sell them locally. There are definite pro’s and con’s to each method.

Benefits Of Selling Your Comic Books Online

The main benefit of selling your comics online on a website like eBay is the opportunity to reach the maximum number of potential buyers, increasing your chances of connecting with a buyer that would pay the highest price possible.

Cons To Selling Your Comic Books Online

In reality, it doesn’t usually work out this way due to a number of factors– taking the right pictures, including the right information, marketing the auction and making sure the right people know about it, setting the right reserve price, setting the right starting price, starting the auction on the right day, etc. Even if you are an experienced eBay seller and you get all these things right, it takes a LOT of work to accomplish, usually more work than the potential benefit is worth.

Benefits Of Selling Your Comic Books Locally

Selling your comic books locally to another collector or to a comic book store gives you the chance to negotiate face-to-face for the best price possible. And since you can show the potential buyers the comics in-person, there’s less of a risk of you portraying your comic books incorrectly online and much less of a time-commitment to go through the entire sales process.

Cons To Selling Your Comic Books Locally

The downfall to selling your comic books locally is the fact that your potential buyers are limited to your geographical area. This means that there’s a possibility that somewhere else in the world, someone would be willing to pay a lot more for the comic books you’re selling than anyone in your local geographical area.

In order to get the best of both worlds, get the best price possible for your comic books while going through the most stress-free process that requires as little work as possible, sell your comics to Sparkle City Comics! We spend millions each year buying comic books and would love the chance to place an offer for whatever you have for sale. So please fill out this form or give us a call at 800-743-9205.

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  1. I have two boxes approximately 4 feet by 2 feet , 18 inches deep of various comics from the Silver and Bronze, good to fair condition. Need to sell to raise money for medical treatment within a very reasonable time -frame. (510) 295-7342

  2. Hello,I Have Two Thousand And Thirty Comics. I Have Both Marvel And Dc Comics. I Also Have Some Whitman Comics. After 8 Months Of Carefully Grading My Comics The Total Value Came To 11,000. Why Are Comic Book Stores Offering Me Only 3 To 400.00 For Them. Who Out There Can Give Me A Better Deal Like The 7,000 I Was Offering For Them. Thanks Kenny.

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