Whether you’re an avid comic book collector or just a recreational collector, you’ve definitely brainstormed all the places you could browse for comic books for sale in the hopes of finding a hidden gem. Garage sales? Online?

Where to find valuable comic books for sale in plain sight is the million dollar question, and one that may lead you to Facebook Marketplace and eBay.

Here are our thoughts on purchasing comic online through either eBay or Facebook Marketplace:

Know Who You’re Buying From

Sellers on eBay have profiles that are specifically designed to review their selling experience, while Facebook profiles are meant for acquaintance and sometimes aren’t even public. This gives eBay the win here because you can more specifically and reliably know who you’re buying from.

Will You Have To Meet In Person To Purchase?

All transactions on eBay are finalized with eBay facilitating the transfer of money, which reduces a lot of risk for both parties. Items sold on eBay are also shipped, eliminating the need to ever meet a stranger in public to exchange goods for cash, reducing criminal and safety risks. Transactions on Facebook Marketplace don’t have those protections in place, so another win for eBay.

Facebook Marketplace Could Connect You To Friends, Family & Their Network

By buying comics on Facebook Marketplace, you can potentially be buying from friends, family or something within your extended network, reducing a lot of risks stated above while also making the whole process a bit more enjoyable. But this takes a bit of luck as it’s more common to simply be buying from people you’ve never met who happen to live close to you.

Facebook Marketplace Can Have Better Deals As The Buyer

As a seller, selling your comics in an auction format helps you get a true fair market price for your items. As a buyer, buying on Facebook Marketplace without a transparent bidding process can potentially give you great deals, especially if the seller doesn’t receive many offers. This would be a win for Facebook Marketplace as the buyer.

Does This Seem Too Good To Be True?

There are scam sellers everywhere. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Both platforms can fall victim to this, but eBay has more of an obligation to prevent these scenarios and more protections in place than Facebook Marketplace does.

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