X-Men is one of the hottest lines within the Marvel Universe. And this is your chance to add a valuable piece of history to your comic book collection!

Check out these two amazing X-Men vintage comics up for auction right now:

Giant-Size X-Men #1

First we have Giant-Size X-Men #1 up for auction. This comic contains the first appearance for both Wolverine and Storm, two popular characters. Additionally, this book is approximately in 4.5 VG+ condition, making it well maintained for a Bronze Age comic.
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X-Men #12

Next up we have X-Men #12. This important edition contains the first appearance of Juggernaut and covers the origin of Professor X. This book is unrestored but is approximately in 5.0 VG/F condition.
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If you’re interested in any of these comics, act fast because they both end this upcoming Sunday!

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