There are a few clearly defined “ages” of comic books among readers, enthusiasts, collectors and historians alike. They are:

Golden Age (1938-1950)
Silver Age (1956-1970)
Bronze Age (1970-1985)
Modern Age (1985-Present)

We refer to the period from the mid-1950s to 1970 as the Silver Age, and many exciting things happened in this era that reverberated through the ages to make comic books what they are today.

The Revival of Comic Books

While comic books really began back in the late 1930s, they took a dive in mainstream popularity after WWII– popular superheros were cancelled as publishers began pivoting towards more niche genres such as sci-fi and westerns, and public consensus started turning against comic books as parents and politicians started worrying about the effects comic books had on the youth.

But in the late 1950s and early 1960s, all that started to turn around and comic books began their rise to popularity again that ultimately lead to today’s flourishing industry.

Marvel Comics Forms

In 1961, Atlas Comics officially becomes the iconic Marvel Comics that we know and love today. Prior to Atlas Comics, it was known as Timely Comics. As Marvel Comics, they reintroduce Captain America in 1964 and also introduce for the first time The Avengers, Iron Man and Thor.

DC Comics Introduces Justice League and Reintroduces The Flash

To help kick off the Silver Age, DC Comics reintroduces The Flash in 1956. The beloved Justice League also makes its reappearance in 1961 after a brief hiatus after first being introduced back in the Golden Age.

Some Of Our Favorites Make Their First Appearances

Many more fan favorites first appear in the Silver Age, reigniting people’s love for comics. Some of the more popular introductions of the Silver Age include X-Men, Spiderman and Hulk.


The Silver Age was a true pivot point for the history of comics. The industry went back to their roots, revived some fan favorites and when back to the basics. Thanks to this important era, we now have the comic book craze we have today!

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