If you have some comic books you want to sell, we’ve already covered the places you could sell them online or locally near you.

But recently a new online marketplace is gaining popularity, making it more attractive to sell valued collectibles like comic books — Facebook Marketplace.

Here’s our guide to selling your comic books on Facebook Marketplace:

Review Other Similar Listings First

You always want to see your listing through the eyes of potential buyers, and your buyers will definitely be searching around the platform. You want your listing to be as complete or more complete than similar listings. You definitely want to include the basics like tons of pictures and an informative description, but by searching competing listings you may find other good ideas like weight and dimensions of boxes, your availability, etc.

Organize Your Comic Book Collection

If you have more than a few comics you’re looking to sell, this section is vitally important for a number of reasons. If you haven’t already, you should organize and store your comics properly as soon as possible. Once everything is organized, it’s much easier to catalog each item by taking pictures and writing descriptions, so the rest of the process will be easier. Additionally, proper storage will preserve the quality of your books, which will yield you more money in a sale from a higher condition, but also by signaling to any potential buyer that you took care of your items and they are buying quality comics. That’s why it’s so important to start proper storage as quickly as possible once you add new comics to your own collection!

Take Pictures Of Your Comic Books

Potential buyers LOVE pictures! There’s no such thing as too many pictures. If there are some key comics in your collection that you want to highlight, take a lot of pictures of each one– front cover, back cover, close ups on the spine and corners. You can also include pictures of how the overall collection has been stored — hopefully in a proper box and each comic individually sleeved!

Write A Detailed Description

A picture is worth a thousand words, but that doesn’t excuse you from writing a very detailed description of what you’re selling. Discuss how long you’ve owned them, why you’re selling, what you’re selling, key points they should know about like specific items or specific damage, and so on. The more detail you include the less time you’ll have to spend answering back-and-forth questions from buyers and will save you time in the long run.

Respond To Inquiries In A Timely Fashion

Once your listing is up, the work is hardly done. Now you need to wait for questions from prospective buyers and when they do arrive you need to answer in a timely manner. The tough part is that many of these potential buyers may not even turn into a sale. Hopefully, one does eventually, but now it really just comes down to a little luck in finding the right buyer and agreeing to a selling price.

Be Careful Of Completing Transactions In Person

Just like selling on Craigslist, there’s no middleman to facilitate a safe transaction between you and the buyer. You may have to meet up in person. You may have to have cash involved. But you can always take precautions- never go to a transaction alone, go to a safe and public place during the daytime, don’t hand over your items until you have the money, and so on. You always need to be safe in these situations, both physically safe and financially safe.

Or You Can Sell Your Comic Books To Sparkle City Comics!

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