Selling your comic books can be overwhelming simply because you have so many options! The first big question is whether you should sell your comic books online or sell them locally?

Let’s assume you’ve considered those options and decided to sell locally. Even then, you still have options to consider that vary wildly in convenience, price, and so on.

The next big question is– do you want to sell your comic books for cash, or do you want to put them up for consignment?

Selling your comic books on consignment usually yields a higher selling price for you because it allows the other party to limit their risk by only having to pay you once the item sells. And they still have an incentive to sell it for the highest price possible because they keep a certain percentage of the sale price.

We here at Sparkle City Comics will buy your comic books from you on consignment, even if we aren’t local to you, and we will most likely be able to get you the highest selling price for those comics at the best rate. So if you don’t want to work through your local store, let’s talk!

If you don’t want to sell on consignment, the other option is to sell your comic books on the spot for cold-hard cash. This is a very nice option for people who just want an easy, fast transaction.

So where can you sell your comic books locally either on consignment or for cash?

Local Comic Book Store

The first and most obvious choice to sell your comic books is your local comic book store. In order to sell comic books at the best price possible, you need to attract the right crowd and know the right buyers, and your local comic book store has these connections. So they will be willing to pay a decent price for your comics.

Local Pawn Shop

Your local pawn shop is another obvious choice, but because they don’t specialize in comic books and may not necessarily know the right buyers for them, they may not be willing to pay the best price possible for your comic books. But they certainly would provide a fast, smooth transaction for cash if that’s what you’re looking for.

Local Trade Show

Trade shows are hit-and-miss, but if there’s a local trade show specializing in comics or collectibles, there may be a good vendor or another potential buyers lurking around. You may have to do some networking and asking around, but you’d certainly be surrounded by potential buyers.

Local Meetup Group

Local comic and games-related meetups are also great places to sell your comic books, and they are more consistently held than trade shows, so it may be a more convenient option than a trade show. However you will need to do a bit of asking around and networking as well.

Even if we aren’t local to you, Sparkle City Comics strives for the easiest, fastest, and top-dollar transactions for your comic books. So if you need to sell your comic books, give us a call at 800-743-9205 and let us help you!

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  1. I have a comic book which seems to be an odd compilation of various comic book pages with a small section of glossy pages. The cover says only Marvel Comics and on the binding it indicates the Volume number (1, 2 or 3). These were printed and bound in Canada (1992, I believe). Each volume is about an inch thick. I have no idea how to list these to obtain their value as there are not other identifying titles. Any ideas? Would a picture help?

      1. I have the original black panther comic record sold 90,000$. Also 40 valuable comics from 1-58 in order of the avengers. My number 434-485-1156

  2. I have many many comic books for sale but can’t travel to FAR any one looking for about 60 or more books EVEN complete issues contact me 267 463 8850 ask for all and no games please they are some worth a good bit of money

  3. I have a numerous comic book collection I would like to sell. Marvel, DC,wizard, etc. Batman Superman spiderman punisher incredible hulk capt.amer. JLA, thunderbolts, fantastic 4, action com. Wonder woman catgirl batboy Anne Rice’s teen Titans nitewing Artemis, witchblade, star wars, deathhead,moonknight, starman, beattlejuice, the tenth, what if, magneto, underworld, mighty mouse, Camelot, beauty n the beast, showcase. X factor, iron lantern, green lantern, silver surfer, dark night, lobo, assassins, generation x, mars attack’s Dr. Strange arkinis supers solders. Etc…

    1. This is Tina. I live in Susanville Ca.. We have no comic book store and I don’t have transportation. But I have a huge comic book coll.ranging from 1970-80-90’s. Over 2000. If you know anyone interested please send me an email at or you can leave me a text message at (530)-723-7170. It must be a text.

  4. I have several Classic Illustrated Comics. For instance:
    No. 4 sold for 15 cents The Last of The Mohicans Published by Gilberton Company August 1966
    No. 6 sold for 15 cents A Tale of Two Cities Published by Gilberton Company June 1964
    No. 5 sold for 15 cents Moby Dick Published by Gilberton Company August 1943
    No. 19 sold for 15 cents Huckleberry Finn Published by Gilberton Company June 1964
    No. 10 sold for 15 cents Robinson Crusoe Published by Gilberton Company July 1964
    No. 136 sold for 15 cents Lord Jim Published by Gilberton Company March 1964
    No. 130 sold for 15 cents Caesar’s Conquests Published by Gilberton Company No date seen
    No.84 sold for 15 cents Gold Bug And Other Stories By Edgar Allen Poe Published by Gilberton July 1964
    No. 100 sold for 15 cents Mutiny on the Bounty Published by Gilberton Company May 1964
    Also have several more if interested in listing of all let me know Thanks.

  5. have comic books that I need to sell. The Omega Men collection, X-Men 190 Collection and many more. How can I sell for a better price.

  6. I too have a collection of western comic books,mickie mouse,Donald duck and super man books for sale.

  7. I have the invincible iron man 1-30 venom #1 ms marvel #1 the inhumans #1 antman -#5 red Sonya #1 nova#1 and others

  8. I hay a old comic from Dc superman 60 year jubel in german number 1
    60 jahre Jubiläum superman dc comic and i want to know how much money i get

  9. I have a collection of comics mostly from The 60s, where can I go to sale them? My first child will b born soon and I want to get a bigger house, to me that’s more important than my comic collection

  10. I have over 15,000 comics for sale. App. 1/3 are Marvel/DC. The others are non Marvel/Dc. Mostly 80’s and 90’s, but some earlier and some later. Multiple copies of some issues. I do sell them individually, but wish to sell them all. Pick-up only. No delivery. Willing to listen to offers. What is my best way to do this.
    John Goddard

  11. I found a book of about 100 or so comic books still in great condition even the older ones. I have no plans on keeping them but would like to know if they are of value to sell them

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