DC Comics is one of the oldest and largest comic book companies around. It got started during the Golden Age of Comics over 80 years ago and has brought us some of the most iconic characters and storylines including Batman, Superman, The Flash and more.

Because DC Comics has been around since the beginning, the older comics are worth quite a lot today because of their rarity and historical significance. If you’re lucky enough to own some valuable DC comics, or even some of their more recent stuff, you may be interested in selling them.

Here’s our guide to selling your DC comic books:

First You Need To Organize All Your DC Comics

Regardless of how big your DC comic collection is, the better organized it is the higher price you will yield. A well-organized collection signals to buyers that the comics were stored safely to ensure their structural integrity, which is a big factor in how much a comic is ultimately worth. Plus if you have a large collection, good organization will allow potential buyers to sift through them easily and will encourage them to place a strong bid on your collection.

Then You Need To Roughly Gauge Their Value

Once everything is organized and you have a good idea of what is in your DC comic collection, you want to roughly gauge its value by determining what other similar items sold for and your items’ condition relative to those items. By using eBay’s advanced search feature and viewing only completed auctions, you can quickly and easily do this.

Then You Need To Decide Where You Want To Sell Them

After organizing everything and gauging the value, you can then decide where is most appropriate to sell them. If you don’t have many items and they aren’t worth much and you’re just looking for quick cash, you can turn to places like local comic book stores or pawn shops. Don’t expect to yield fair market value at these places, but they are quick and easy. If you have a large collection, consider reaching out to a professional auction house or listing them on eBay- just be prepared to invest a lot of time into the selling process and be patient.

Definitely Reach Out To Sparkle City Comics First When Selling DC Comics

If you want the best of both worlds — a fast and easy cash transaction as well as a top-dollar offer — look no further than Sparkle City Comics. We combine the best of selling in person with the best of selling online. Thanks to our years of experience and customer-focused process, we buy and sell millions of dollars worth of comics every year.

We’d love to take a look at your DC Comic Collection. If you’re interested in potentially selling to us, we’d love to chat with you! Give us a call at 800-743-9205 or fill out this form here and someone will be able to kick off the process!

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