If you have a huge collection of comics, and now they are just lying dormant and you don’t want them anymore, selling them to someone is a good idea for making some extra cash. But only if you do it right.

While most buyers buy comic books per piece, Sparkle City Comics will buy your entire comic book collection for top dollar, and will give you the absolute best price.

How do you know how much your comic book collection is worth? A collection is only as worth as much as someone is willing to pay. Luckily, we pay the most! We know your comic book collection is special, and you need to make sure it finds a good home– It has sentimental value. We show you just how much we value your collection by paying top-dollar.

Not only are you getting the absolute best price for your comic book collection with us, but we make it a hassle-free transaction. We will even fly to you to do the appraisal!

If you want to take the hard route, here the other way you can sell your collection for top dollar–

Make a List of your Collection

This is basically the first thing you should do if you have a large comic collection. It is important to know the details of your collection, before you decide to sell them off. All serious comic book collectors have records of the collections that they own. Once you’ve penned them down in the form of a list, you would know the comic editions that you have (and the ones that are missing), it will be easy to show them to potential customers. Or, you can sell to Sparkle City representatives who are willing to fly up to you to examine your collection for you!

Arrange Everything in Order

Sort your collection according to series and edition number. This is a good idea because customers will probably go through your stack and find your collection very tempting if they see everything ordered nicely.

How to Sell Your Comic Book Collection for Top Dollar

Know Your Collection’s Condition

Nobody wants to buy something in bad condition, right? Comic book collectors take pride in the conditions of their collections. ‘Mint’ condition is definitely not worth the same as ‘near mint’.

Pack them Properly

Plastic bags and boards can be bought in bulk from any local stationary store. Pack your comics in plastic bags and boards so that they look more presentable. It also shows your buyers how you cared for your comics and increases your chances of getting a better price. Moreover, boards will make any tears and turns apparent, so if you have taken care of your comic books properly, packing using bags and boards will allow you to show buyers just that.

Time it Right

Wait for the right time before putting your collection up for sale. For example, your comic books will be in more demand if the economy is doing well or there is a related movie in theaters. With the brilliant market movies based on Marvel comics get, consider selling your series during the period when the film hit the theaters.

Personalize Your Sale

When it comes to getting attention of potential customers, pictures definitely speak louder than words! Comic collections are personal. A good way to increase the chances of selling your collection at a great price is by taking high-quality photos of your collection and allowing the seller to form a bond with the comics well before they see them in person.

You could, for example, take pictures of editions on your bookshelf, or when you have put them in order on a table. This is effective since it shows your attachment to your collection and helps trigger emotional sales response in other comic book enthusiasts, who would want your collection for themselves. But getting high-quality, white-background pictures is always a great idea as well, especially if you’re selling comics one-by-one on eBay.

Choose where to sell

You could sell on eBay. But if you sell your entire collection all at once, you probably won’t get the absolute best price because buyers will discount the chances of actually getting great comics. You could sell the comics individually on eBay, but that’s also risky– what if you time it wrong? what if the right buyer doesn’t see it? what if you don’t get as much as you wanted? So much work for a lot of risk.

Or you could sell to Sparkle City Comics. Easy as 1-2-3!

It really is that simple. We will fly to you, appraise the collection, and if we make an offer you accept, we pay cash on the spot! Other comic-collection selling processes take time, and you may not get the rates you wanted. Sell your comic books for top dollar, sell to Sparkle City Comics!

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  1. I only have a three comic books, 2 are in very fine condition, the third is missing its cover The 2 comics are Wanted the World’s Most Dangerous Villians No 2 Oct #30718; Marvel Guess Who Can’t Fly? Night Thrasher Dec 5….would you be interested?


  2. My late husband collected comics. He has been gone 18 years and had collected several years before that. I am 75 and need both the money and the room. They are in great shape in the original plastic, never read. I am very interested in selling them. Please let me know if you have any interest. Thank you.

  3. I have The Adventures Of Spiderman first appearance of Ventom. Issue 300 I believe. What should I ask for it as it is upgraded with absolutely no flaws?

  4. I have approximately 2500 comic’s. Animes,DC,Marvel,Dark horse,Harvey world, Whitman,and many adult comic’s. I am interested in getting rid of the entire collection. But am thinking about piecing lots separately. Or not sure as to selling all together. What would you recommend. Thanks

  5. I have approximately 1400 comic books, mostly from the 70s and 80s… some earlier, very few later… most have been in bags and stored in Korean war era air/watertight ammo trunks since the mid-80s. Most are probably grade 6 or better.

    I have them listed in an Excel spreadsheet.

    Should I fill out a form and give you a call?

  6. I have many comic books.. Probably between 3,000 – 5,000.. They are mostly funny ones. ie: Archie, Richie Rich, Casper, Bugs Bunny and gang.. Dot, Disney, some westerns.. Some pretty old ones Henry, Little Lulu, the little comic digests, as well.. Some are in excellent shape, some not.. Would you be interested in purchasing these?

  7. Most of my comics ( @250) are from the 1960’s. Probably average a condition #6 on the average. Contact Dennis at email below.

  8. How do you know if your comics are worth anything? My comics are from the 1970’s and are Archie and Veronica

  9. Have have 11 Superman comic books ranging from no 9 to 274
    Walt Disney comics 34 of them
    Also numerous others from Roy Rogers to Woody Wood Pecker. Books are at least 50 years old and in good condition. Want to sell them all

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