There are certainly no shortage of places to consider selling your comic books. Most people immediately have eBay, Facebook Marketplace or a local comic book store come to mind when they consider places to sell their comics for cash.

However there’s another outlet that people could consider that’s been around for longer than all of the previously mentioned channels – selling your comic books at an auction house.

There’s obviously a time and a place to consider selling at an auction house, but it’s certainly not for everyone. Here are some things to consider before deciding on selling your comics at an auction house:

How Valuable Are The Comics You’re Looking To Sell?

Auctions houses charge hefty fees to go through their tried and true process. For very high valued comics, this is worth it, but that means you should first determine what your comics are worth and run the numbers to see if selling at an auction house makes sense for you versus selling through another medium or to another entity.

Have You Gotten A Second Opinion From A Comic Book Expert?

When it comes to the value of comic books, the true price is simply what someone else is willing to pay. Determining this price is part art, part science. If you’re dealing with extremely high priced comic books, it’s prudent to seek out a second opinion on their value prior to kicking off any sales process, since where you sell your comics will be a huge factor in the final selling price.

Are You Willing To Pay Up To Manage The Process From Beginning To End?

Even though an auction house has the same logistical flow as an online auction via eBay, the process is managed for you in a much more streamlined, proven way. Selling your comics on eBay takes a lot of time and effort, while selling via an auction house means they manage the process, the marketing, the payment facilitation and so on. However you do pay for that convenience.

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