Have some comic books you want to sell quickly? There’s no quicker option than selling your comics to a local comic book store near you.

Here’s the Sparkle City Guide to selling your comic books to your local comic book shop:

First, Map Out Your Options

Depending on where you live, you may have multiple options on types of places you could sell your comic books near you — comic book stores, pawn shops, local auction houses, local comic collector groups. First you should determine a comic book store is the best place for you. After you do that, you should map out all your local options using Google or Yelp. This will be your starting list.

Then Make A Few Quick Screening Calls To Them

Once you’ve built a list of two or three local comic book stores, give them a quick call and let them know what you’re interested in selling. Most of the time they will be interested, but on the off-chance that they aren’t interested in what you have, this easy step can save you an unnecessary trip! If they are interested, ask if there’s a good time to swing by with the comics. There may only be a few owners or employees that are qualified and approved to buy and sell comics on behalf of the store, so you want to make sure you go at the right time when they’re available.

Bring Your Comics By Your Top Choices

Once you’ve received verbal approval that you should swing by with the comic books, bring them to each location and hear what they have to say. These will be industry experts who not only know comic books well but understand where the market is at that given time, so hear what they have to say and act accordingly. At this point, you should have at least two local stores on your list to speak with, so you’ll be getting a second opinion to fact-check everything.

Determine If Selling Fast If Still For You

Once you’ve brought your items to at least two local comic book stores near you to hear what they have to say about your items and potentially hear their offers, you can then determine if you still want to sell to them. Remember, you can walk away at any time- don’t feel obligated to do anything you don’t actually want to do. Take your time, there are also non-local options you can consider as well.

If You Want Another Fast Option, Call Sparkle City Comics

Want to sell your comics fast and for all cash, but maybe you didn’t get good offers from your local comic book store? Give us a call at Sparkle City Comics! We may or may not be local to you, but we buy and sell millions of dollars worth of comics each year because we make the process fast, simple and pay all-cash top-dollar for items we want.

Interested in seeing what we’d pay for your items? Give us a call at 800-743-9205 or fill out this seller form and someone will be able to help!

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