Craigslist may have started the online classifieds revolution, but Facebook is definitely challenging them on who’s going to be the top classifieds marketplace going forward.

You know we love buying and selling comic books online, and that has been synonymous with Craigslist and eBay for decades. But selling comics on Facebook Marketplace is just…better. Here’s why:

Larger Market Of Potential Buyers

Facebook boasts the largest number of monthly active users of any social media platform on the planet, so when they roll out a feature such as their Marketplace classifieds section, you bet it will have a ton of potential buyers for every possible niche, including comic books. One of the biggest determining factors on whether or not you’ll sell your comic books for a good price – or even sell them at all – depends on how many potential buyers you can reach. Facebook is the king when it comes to reaching potential buyers.

Easier And More Familiar Platform

Craigslist isn’t difficult to use by any means, but Facebook is a finely tuned machine that people are inherently familiar with. You want to reduce as much friction in your sale as possible, and if that means conducting business on a website that people are already on and already familiar with, then that is an advantage for you.

Built In Messenger Makes Sales Process Easier

Answering questions, negotiating a sale and finalizing the details takes a lot of time and effort to communicate quickly and thoroughly. Luckily, Facebook utilizes their already widely used Messenger App to make communication a breeze within Facebook Marketplace. Yet another frictionless part of the sales process, thanks to Facebook.

You Can Quickly And Easily Share Your Posts

Again, a successful sale mainly comes down to how wide you can spread the word about your items. What could be easier than sharing on your own personal or business Facebook profile for your entire network to see. Even better, tag a few people who may be interested or who would know people who are interested so you can make them aware of it immediately. Some other best practices when sharing are to explicitly ask other people to tag people in the comments who they think would be interested and to share to any relevant groups you may be in as well- as long as that’s allowed in their rules.

But For The Best Experience, Sell Your Comics To Sparkle City Comics!

Even though Facebook Marketplace makes it easier to sell your comics online, it still takes a decent amount of work- you still have to take a lot of detailed picture, write comprehensive descriptions of what you have for sale, answer questions that come through in a very timely manner, and hope you find the right buyer.

Or you can sell your comics to Sparkle City Comics! For items we like, we’ll make top-dollar, all-cash offers. And we’ll even travel to you if it’s a large enough collection. Ready to see what we’d offer you for the comics you want to sell? Give us a call at 800-743-9205 or fill out our quick seller inquiry form and we will kick off the process!

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  1. Right I have 20 or so comic books. They’re from the 50s and ’60s. They’re in great condition and ready to sell. This is new to us so we’re looking for the experts. One example would be Superboy. Lois Lane. Both from 1962 Superman’s pal June of 1961 forbidden morals 1961. That’s a few examples of what we got.

    1. Please give us a call at 800-743-9205 or fill out our no-obligation form here for us to begin this process. Thanks!

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