We already know about all the ways you can sell comics for cash, sell comics on consignment and sell comics for the best price possible.

But do you know how to trade comic books for other comic books? Here’s how we would suggest going about trading your comic books:

First, Identify What You Want To Trade Away

Do you want to trade one specific comic book that you own? Or are you looking to trade away a small portion of your collection? Or maybe the entire collection? Figuring out what you’re going to be offering is the first step of the process. And if your comics are already stored properly, as we always advocate, then this process will be much easier!

Then Put Estimate The Value Of Those Comics

Once you’ve determined what you’re interested in trading away, the next step is to determine a rough valuation for them so you have an idea of what you’re trading away and what would be a fair ask for another comic. Putting a valuation on a comic book is more of an art than a science, so it’s always helpful to get help from a professional.

Then Determine What You’re Interested In Trading For

Once you have an idea of what you’re trading away you can safely determine what you’re interested in receiving so that it’s a fair trade for both parties. It’s easy to get into the winner-take-all mindset when trading and negotiating, but remember that people have different motives for trading away comics and it is possible to get to a win-win situation at the end. Having that goal in mind makes the entire process more friendly and more fun!

Then Approach People Who May Have What You Want

Once you have a general (or specific!) idea of what you’re trading for, you need to go out and find them. Some good places to look are collectibles groups (live or on Facebook). Another great place to look may be comic book stores- even if they’re not willing to trade, they may know of collectors who are.

Or Buy And Sell Your Comics With Sparkle City Comics

If the process seems too tedious, then maybe it makes more sense to simply sell your comics and use the proceeds to buy new ones! Sparkle City Comics would be the best place for you since the entire process is streamlined and focused on your satisfaction. We make top-dollar all-cash offers on items we want to buy, and we sell our comics on eBay for fast and transparent transactions.

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