Deciding where to sell your comic books is one of the first big questions you need to answer that will dictate a lot of how the rest of the transaction will go, such as selling price, speed and ease.

After you’ve weighed all the options, maybe you’ve decided to sell your comic books online to try and get the highest selling price possible. Maybe you chose to sell your comics on eBay. Maybe you chose to sell your comics on Facebook Marketplace. Regardless, you’ll need to relay a lot of information to your potential buyers. The information you choose to include, as well as how you include it, can make or break a comic book listing.

Here are our tips on what information you should include in your online listings when selling your comic books online:

You Need Really, Really Good Pictures

Don’t skimp on the pictures! There’s no such thing as too many pictures, especially when it comes to online listings for comic books. Potential buyers want to see every angle of the front and back cover, inside and out, as well as close ups of the corners and spine, since the condition of these can greatly affect the condition of the comic book and therefore the comic book’s value.

Write Basic Information In Bullet Point Format Upfront

People like to skim online listings, so make it easy for them by providing all the key details in easy-to-read upfront at the top of the listing. Make sure to include things like the title, the year, the publisher, the official condition, how long you’ve had it and how you’ve stored it.

Discuss Where And How You First Acquired These Comic Books

Below the bullet points, you can go into detail on all of these topics. One of the most important details is how you yourself acquired the comic books as well as why you’re selling them. If you’re an avid collector, this is your chance to show that you’re not just in it for the money but for the love of the comic book. This can instill confidence in the potential buyer that you kept the comic books stored properly, treated them well, and understand their value.

Discuss How You’ve Stored These Comic Books

Again, potential buyers will want to know the condition of the comic book. Since they cannot be there to inspect them with their own eyes, your pictures should get them most of the way there. But you can really drive the point home by going into detail of how you’ve stored them. So hopefully you were storing your comics correctly!

Include Any Damage Information

Nothing is worse than misleading someone, intentionally or unintentionally. Be upfront about any damage with your comic books by not only taking pictures of them but explicitly mentioning them in the description. If you want, you can go into why they are there and if they’ve been getting worse or not.

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