Have some comic books to sell and think you’d get some great offers on eBay but don’t want to invest all that time and money into an auction that may not even pan out?

We get it. Selling on eBay is a lot of work, which is why most people prefer to just sell their comics locally near them. But what if you don’t have a reliable comic book store closeby?

There’s actually a way to take advantage of eBay’s enormous marketplace without having to invest all the time and money it takes to successfully sell items on eBay. Here’s how:

Let Someone Else Sell Your Items On eBay For You!

That’s right. Let someone else sell write the description, take all the pictures, answer all the questions and wait for interested buyers to show up all while you get paid upfront, save time and reduce the risk of your items not selling!

That’s exactly what happens when you work with us at Sparkle City Comics. We are trusted eBay sellers that buy and sell millions of dollars worth of comic books each and every year. People continually work with us over and over again for a number of reasons:

We Make All-Cash Top-Dollar Offers On Items We Want

eBay is usually the best place to get a top-dollar offer for any collectible, especially comic books. However nothing is guaranteed. Maybe the timing was off. Maybe it’s a bad economy. Maybe you didn’t make the description and images compelling enough. By selling your comics upfront to us, you remove your own risk of getting an offer lower than you’re expecting, or worse, no offer at all.

We Pride Ourselves On Fast & Easy Transactions

Not only does selling on eBay take a lot of work to initially set up, but it’s a waiting game for the best buyer once the auction is live. And the work isn’t even done at that point either! You still need to answer questions from potential buyers in a very timely manner in order to keep people interested enough to make offers. By selling your comics to us, you make a long and arduous process fast and easy!

We Will Even Travel To You If We’re Really Interested

For extremely large and valuable comic book collections, we’ve been known to travel to you to examine them prior to making a top-dollar all-cash offer. So if you’re not local to us, it’s not even a problem. It doesn’t get easier than that!

Ready to sell your comic books? Give us a call at 800-743-9205 or fill out this seller inquiry form and we can kick the process off!

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