Unless you’re buying from a trusted source, buying anything online can raise concerns of fraud and counterfeits. This is especially true for valuable items such as comic books.

So how are you supposed to protect yourself if you’re buying comic books from someone you don’t know online? Here are some tips from the trusted experts at Sparkle City Comics:

Buy From Trusted Sources

A quick and easy way to minimize your risk is to simply buy from a trusted source. If this trusted source is a well-known organization like Sparkle City Comics, then you’re alright. Most people think eBay is a trusted source — which they are — but you aren’t buying from eBay, you’re buying from a third-party seller. Although eBay has great buyer protections, nothing is 100% perfect so you still need to be on guard. If you’re buying on a classifieds board such as Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, those protections are all but gone. And shady websites you’ve never heard of? Forget about it.

Avoid Buyers Who Ask You To Do Something Out Of The Norm

Whoever you end up in negotiations with, if they ask you to do something way out of the norm, that should be a massive red flag. It’s impossible to list every single shady ask here, but some typical requests from scammers include sending payment earlier than usual and meeting up in person. If any of these things happen, question their motives and make sure to take extra precautions. Or simply walk away.

Ask Questions And Be Skeptical

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and be skeptical. It’s not on you to automatically trust the seller, it’s up to the seller to earn your trust. So if you have any questions where the answers may make or break your decision to buy, feel free to ask them!

Avoid In-Person Meetings From Online Transactions When Possible

When protecting yourself from scammers, you need to think about protecting yourself financially as well as physically. At the end of the day, staying physically safe is the most important. When possible, avoid in-person meetings. These days, everything can be done virtually anyway, so there’s really no reason to physically risk yourself by meeting strangers in real life, especially if they know you’ll have cash on you. Better safe than sorry.

Avoid Those Other Risks And Buy From Sparkle City Comics Insteads!

The best way to avoid a scam is to work with trusted experts. Sparkle City Comics has been a trusted source for comic book buyers and sellers for a very long time now, and you’re in good hands with us!

We constantly update our listings on eBay, and we’re a trusted eBay partner for comic books. Please let us know if you have any questions!

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