Do you want to sell your comic books but you’re concerned about selling them in the middle of a recession? That’s a legitimate concern that you should take seriously.

Depending on why you’re selling your comic books could help guide you to make smart decisions throughout the process. Here are our tips to consider while selling your comic books during a recession:

Do You Need The Cash Quickly?

If you need cash from the sale of your comic books quickly, you can definitely accomplish that by selling your comic books, but you need to choose where you’re selling very carefully since that will dictate the speed at which the cash actually hits your bank account. There’s usually a trade-off between speed and price when it comes to selling your comic books, and that’s even more apparent during an economic downturn. For example, if you have a pawn shop closeby, that will be by far the quickest sale possible, but you’ll also most likely get the least amount of cash for your comics. If speed is vital, this may be your best option.

Do You Need The Most Cash Possible From The Sale?

Instead of speed, maybe you need the most cash possible from the sale of your comic books. If this is the case, you can also accomplish this, but like above, you need to know where to sell. For top-dollar, selling to us at Sparkle City Comics is usually the best. The next best option is to put in the time and effort to sell your comics on either eBay or sell your comics on Facebook Messenger.

Is This Part Of A Larger Investment Thesis?

If you don’t need to sell your comics during a recession, you probably shouldn’t. If you do end up selling in the middle of a recession, ideally it should be part of a larger investment thesis to push you closer to your larger goals. Maybe you need the cash to buy a different comic that became available. Maybe you want to free up cash in anticipation of rare comics becoming available. Whatever it is, as long as you have a plan and understand the risks, you can put yourself closer to your overall goals.

Let Sparkle City Comics Be A Resource For You

One thing is for certain- recessions are inevitable and need to be planned for. Sparkle City Comics is here to help you, whether you want to sell your comic books or whether you need to sell your comic books.

When the time comes for you to sell your comics, please reach out. We pride ourselves on making top-dollar all-cash offers for items we’re interested in. You can reach us at 800-743-9205 or via our online seller interest form.

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