Maybe you just caught a glimpse of that Superman comic you have lying in storage and wondered how much its worth? Or maybe you were sifting through some old boxes and found and old Batman comic book?

It can be difficult to determine how much a comic book is worth, especially rare ones from valuable publishers such as DC Comics. It’s almost like an art form.

Here are our tips to determine how much a collectible DC comic book is worth:

First Determine How Big Your Collection Is

It’s a lot easier to determine the value of one comic book individually rather than an entire collection. When you have one comic book, you can get very specific on its condition, details, similarly sold comics recently, and so on. But to do that for each item in an entire collection is a nightmare, which is why selling a large comic book estate is a lot harder and takes a lot more work and planning to properly value.

Then See What Similar Items Or Collections Sold For Recently

Once you’ve decided what you’re looking to value, the first thing you need to do is find similarly sold items and see how much they sold for. Valuing collectibles is more of an art than a science that it mainly dictated by market fluctuations in supply and demand, and there’s no better way to gauge that market demand by seeing what other items sold for and going from there.

Then Determine What Condition Everything Is In

Once you have found comparable items, or comps, that is your baseline. Since no two comics are alike, you’ll need to adjust up or down from that baseline based on other factors. The main factor will be condition. It’s common practice to grade comic books based on standardized grades. See what your comic book’s grade is and if yours is in better condition, adjust up from the baseline. If yours is in relatively worse condition, adjust down. This is why it’s so important to store you comic books properly!

Then Decide If And Why You Want To Sell

After you’ve determined a reasonable estimate for fair market value of your comic or comic books, you may be interested in selling. At this point, you should decide if and why you want to sell. Do you want to sell to get the best price possible for them? Or do you want to sell simply because you just want to get rid of them? Determining your own personal motivations will help guide to where would be the best place to sell in order to meet those expectations and goals.

Then Decide Where You Should Sell

For example, if you’ve decided you just want to sell them because they aren’t worth that much and you want to de-clutter, simply getting a fast and easy transaction is probably your main objective, not necessarily getting the best price possible. In this scenario, it makes sense to put together a garage sale or go down to your local pawn shop to sell them off. However selling your comics to a place like a pawn shop is definitely not in everyone’s best interests. If you want to sell to get the best price possible for your comics, then selling online is probably your best bet even though it takes a lot more time and effort to get to a successful transaction.

Consider Getting A Professional Appraisal

If you’re dealing with high-valued comics or comic collections, it usually also makes sense to get the comics appraised before making any final decisions. If your find yourself in this situation, you should reach out to us, we can help appraise your comics!

Always Consider Selling To Sparkle City Comics

If you need help with appraisals, determining where to sell your comics or if you even want to sell in the first place, Sparkle City Comics is your best resource. We can help with appraisals, estate sales, investment counseling and even making all-cash top-dollar offers for your items if you decide to sell.

Interested in selling now? Reach out by filling out this seller inquiry form or calling us at 800-743-9205 and someone can help!

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  1. Recently found in storage an assortment of vintage first edition Marvel comics from 1973-1974 in good condition and would like to get them appraised and/or sell.

  2. I am interested in selling a large comic collection including silver age Marvel and DC. Also collectibles. Where are you located? I’m 70 and have difficulties. I Live in CT

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