Comic books as we know them have been around since the 1930s. The first decade and a half of comic books has been labeled as the Golden Age. The Golden Age of comic books has not only shaped some of the stories, heroes and villains we all know and love today, but it left behind some of the most valuable comic books around since they are historically significant and in fairly low supply.

So when was the Golden Age of comics and what happened during it?

The Golden Age Of Comics (1938-1956)

Technically, the Golden Age of comics took place between 1938 and 1956. It’s the first era of the four comic book ages. Many iconic characters were introduced in this time period and became part of American culture at a very interesting point in our history.

Comic Books As We Know Them Went Into Print

Detective Comics, predecessor of DC Comics of today, went into print, known for Action Comics among others. The success of DC Comics led to other companies throwing their hat in the ring with their own characters and stories that laid the groundwork for most comics we know today.

Famous Superheros Were Born

In Action Comics, we were introduced to Superman. Detective comics also introduced us to Batman and Robin, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern and Aquaman in this time period. Marvel Comics — then known as Timely Comics — introduced us to Captain America during the Golden Age.

Different Niches Began Developing

The Golden Age also brought us the beginning of humorous comics such as Mad, and children’s characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Tarzan. Various print houses further developed their storylines and characters, branching out in different directions and experimenting with different genres.

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