Thank you for visiting Sparkle City Comics! For those of you who are frequent visitors, welcome back and thank you so much for your loyal support. For those of you who are new to this website, we wanted to take a second to show you around so you can see why people continually come back to us to buy and sell their comic books.

Located In Middletown NY But Work All Across The Country

Our storefront is located in Middletown, NY but we’re much larger geographically than that. We serve clients all over the country, and sometimes even internationally. As you’ll find out, we pride ourselves on customer service, so location is never an issue if you’re interested in working with us and we’re interested in working with you!

eBay’s LARGEST Seller Of Comic Books And Close Partner

We have a special relationship and partnership with eBay- we are the #1 largest seller of comic books on eBay. Having such a prominent eBay presence allows us to reliably re-sell comic books at a fair price. This allows us to make top-dollar all-cash offers on comic books we want to buy beyond what most other people could offer, making us a great place to sell your comic books to. You can visit our dedicated auctions page here:

Pride Ourselves On Making All-Cash Top-Dollar Offers

What was that about top-dollar all-cash offers you say? Well, we buy comic books and re-sell them on eBay. When we make offers on comic books we want to buy, our offers are usually better than others because of our extensive network. People continually come back to us to buy and sell their comics because of our great selection and fair prices.

Customer Service Comes First Above All

We’re not in the comic book business, we’re in the people business, and we know that. We strive to take care of every single one of our clients no matter how big or small. Our expert staff is ready to help however they can be of assistance.

Active On Facebook. Are You Following Us?

Last but not least, we’re on Facebook! Are you following us? We post rare auctions, news and helpful blog posts. Visit the Sparkle City Comics Facebook Page now!

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