Getting ready to sell your comic books online? Make sure you mentally prepare yourself because it takes a lot of work! If you’d rather take the shortcut, simply sell your comic books to us at Sparkle City Comics!

As we’ve mentioned before, every little detail matters when selling your comic books online because you must provide all potential buyers with as much information to give them confidence in their buying decision.

One of the best ways you can do that is by taking great pictures of your comic books. Here are our tips to take great pictures that will help sell your comic books at the highest price possible:

No Such Thing As Too Many Pictures

When you’re selling comic books online, you need to be the buyers’ eyes and ears. This means you need to give them as much information as they’d have if they were examining the comic books in-person themselves. So when you’re taking pictures, just remember- there’s no such things as too many pictures and there’s no such thing as an irrelevant detail. The more pictures you provide, especially high-quality pictures, the most assured buyers will be.

Use Proper Lighting

Even amateur photographers know that lighting is everything when it comes to taking pictures. The best option would be to use specially-designed soft lights for taking pictures of your comics. If you don’t have access to them, that’s still fine! Just make sure you take your pictures in as well lit of an area as possible. Just be sure to limit their exposure to direct sunlight for extended periods as that can deteriorate their color and quality over time.

Front, Back and Spine

Since there’s no limit to how many pictures you take, make sure to snap some pictures of the parts of the comic that tend to wear the most and directly impact the quality and rating of a comic book. This is what serious buyers will be looking for. So make sure you snap pictures of the outside and inside front and back covers as well as the spine. If it helps to take these pictures in multiple angles to capture every last inch, by all means, do that!

Highlight Damage (If any)

You want to be as upfront and transparent as possible when selling your comic books, and that means being straightforward and honest about any damage or wear-and-tear. After all, the last thing you’d want is to put in all the hard work it takes to successfully sell a comic book, just to have a disgruntled buyer asking for a return. So if there’s any damage to your comic books whatsoever, make sure to take ample amounts of pictures showing that and be sure to bring attention to it in the description of the comic book as well.

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Sounds like a lot of work to take all these pictures? It is! You can avoid the majority of this work by simply selling your comics to Sparkle City Comics. We pride ourselves on fast, quick and top-dollar offers for comics we’re interested in, as well as top-notch customer service. It’s why people keep coming back!

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