Comic books as we know them today can be traced back to the late-1930s. It was an interesting time for the entire world, and that was reflected in the comic book stories and plots of that era.

When Was The Golden Age Of Comic Books?

Technically speaking, the Golden Age of comic books is the first age of comic books and understood to be between 1938 and 1956. This means the Golden Age of Comics kicked off at the same time as World War II kicked off in Europe. The world needed a hero, and this can be seen in the superhero genre that took hold in this era.

The Golden Age of Comics saw the creation of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Captain America. Specifically, we saw Action Comics #1, Captain America Comics #1 and All-American Comics.

Plots Of The Golden Age

Even though the Golden Age started out almost unanimously within the superhero genre, in the late 1940s it quickly expanded to western, sci-fi, romance, crime and horror as well. This also followed world events, as the war ended and people were craving entertainment beyond the superhero storyline.

Transitioning To the Silver Age

The 1950s saw the continuing shift towards other genres as once popular superhero comics were cancelled. The Silver Age, which began in 1956 as the Golden Age ended, is typically thought to start with the introduction of the first new superhero since the beginning of the Golden Age- Flash in Showcase #4.

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