The rarity of a comic book is one of the strongest indicators of how much it’s worth. For comic book collectors and aficionados, buying rare comic books is both a thrill and an adventure. But it’s certainly not easy.

Finding and buying rare comic books takes patience, determination and a little bit of luck. But if you know where and when to look, the process can be a bit smoother and easier.

Here are our suggestions on the best places to buy rare comic books:

Local Comic Book Store

One of the best places to check for rare comic books is your local comic book store. Don’t just browse the shelves- be sure to ask the staff if they have any items in stock or if they know of anything that’s available. They may have some items hidden in the back not on display. They also may know of items for sale privately from other collectors.

Estate Sales

Finding rare comic books at estate sales can be like finding needles in a haystack. Even if they have comic books for sale, they may not be organized. It could be worth the gamble to just buy the whole collection, but that’s really a game of luck, including buying at the right price to match the risk and probabilities associated with finding something valuable.

Sparkle City Comics’ eBay Storefront

Sparkle City Comics buys and sells millions of dollars worth of comic books per year. We list almost all of our items on our eBay storefront here through our partnership with eBay. That will be the best place to find rare comic books we are offering. Be sure to follow us on facebook, where we usually announce our highly anticipated auctions.

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  1. Hi there I was wondering if you could help me? I’m looking to do a trade deal? I am looking for a lower grade copy of Detective Comics #40, #58, #66 or #140. CGC or CBCS. Preferably unrestored but I would consider a restored copy depending on the work that was done to it. I have wonderful ? books from both DC and Marvel I would trade for the right copy of one of the Tec issues I mentioned. Thanks for your help

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