Sparkle City Comics is proud to announce that an original copy of Action Comics #1 is now up for auction through our page on eBay.

Here’s a link to the live auction–

Action Comics #1 is not only one of the most sought after comic book collection items ever, it’s a piece of American history. It contains the first appearance ever of Superman, Lois Lane and Zatara. Because of its iconic role in American history, it is known as the holy grail of comic book investing and is as close to a blue chip investment as you can get due to its scarcity.

This authentic 1938 original Action Comics #1 is one of the most “affordable” versions up for sale in the past 20 years. This book has the appearance of a 3.0 but has beautiful white pages that don’t show and clear signs of aging over the past 80 years!

Four years ago, a 9.0 Actions Comics #1 sold for $3.2 million and values of Action Comics #1 have been rising 20% annually. This book doesn’t become available often, so check out the details of this book and invest in an iconic piece of American history today.

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