Sparkle City Comics is proud to announce the live auction of one of the top-10 most sought after Golden Age comics– Captain America Comics #1!

Here’s a link to the live auction-

This iconic piece of American history was released just months prior to the United States entering World War II and is the first appearance for Captain America, Bucky and Red Skull. It was also the first cover appearance for Hitler, where he is being knocked out by Captain America, which has become an iconic image in-and-of itself.

This authentic and original Captain America Comics #1 was given a 6.5FN+ blue label unrestored rating by CGC. As the Marvel franchise continues to gain popularity, in addition to the Avengers and Infinity War, this comic will continue to be considered one of the safest, smartest and most sought after investments in comic books.

Check out the details of the book and the auction here–

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