As a leading voice in the superhero and comic book industry, Co-Owner of Sparkle City Comics Brian Schutzer was featured in CNBC to discuss the new movie “Venom”, it’s impact on the Spider-Man universe and what this means for the superhero genre going forward.

“Venom” is a new movie produced by Sony and Warner Brothers based on the supervillain Venmon within the Spider-Man universe. This is one of the first major motion pictures to solely feature a supervillain as the main character and could set the tone for this movie genre going forward.

“The hero story may be getting tired to some. So most people want to see what it’s like from the other side of the coin,” said Schutzer. “We never get more than a five-minute origin story to villains in the history of the last 20 years of superhero movies.”

If “Venom” performs well in the box office, Sony is prepared to begin rolling out additional movies within the Spider-Man universe focusing on supervillians and antiheros.

“This is totally new ground, which you don’t really get to see with modern cinema,” Schutzer said. “It’s absolutely a breath of fresh air in an almost numbing sea of super-heroes.”

This is extremely exciting news for the comic world. Columbia Pictures has already vowed to stay true to the stories in the original comics. With the vast array of interesting characters that haven’t had their time on the big screen yet, “Venom” could pave the way not only for many more comic-based movies, but another uptick in interest of comic books themselves.

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