Everyone knows comic books are great collectibles, but many people forget there’s another entire category related to comic collectibles– comic art. Comic art can sometimes be more valuable than comics because of their rarity and their inherent utility as beautiful decoration.

If you are lucky enough to own some valuable comic art, you may consider selling at some point. While you have many places to choose from, selling online in the right places can usually yield the highest price because it can cast the widest net for potential buyers.

Here are our recommendations on places to sell your comic art online:


Selling your comic art on eBay can be a blessing and a curse. Like any collectible, comic art is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it. So naturally, the more people you get in front of, the better chance you have at selling for a high price. Because eBay has a worldwide audience, you can get in front of a lot of people with a good eBay auction page. The problem is, putting together a good eBay auction page takes a LOT of time between taking pictures, writing descriptions, filling out details and answering questions as they come in. And even after all that work, there’s no guarantee your comic art will even sell.


Craigslist is a little bit easier to post a listing to than eBay, but they are more of a community-based platform as opposed to worldwide. So unless you live in a densely populated area that has enough potential buyers searching your local Craigslist board, the time commitment it takes to post online and wait for buyers may still not be worth it.

Sparkle City Comics

To get the best of both worlds in terms of ease of transaction and top-dollar all-cash offers, look no further than Sparkle City Comics. We can not only help you determine what your comic art is ultimately worth, but if we like what we see we will make an all-cash top-dollar offer and even travel to you to finalize the transaction if necessary. Talk about customer service! Even if we aren’t local to you, it will feel like the easiest local transaction you’ve ever had.

Interested in selling your comic art to us? Give us a call at 800-743-9205 or fill out our seller inquiry form here and someone can help you out!

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  1. I have Virgil Finlay original from 1939 and more comic arts and staff collection I don’t know how to sale them cause always try can’ t find auctions or arts galleries to get an offer and my arts are original and between the best .

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