Whether you’re collecting comics because you honestly enjoy reading them or you see your growing collection as a prudent financial investment, it’s important to know how much your comics are worth.

We’ve said over and over again that determining the value of your comics is more of an art than a science and therefore is not precise. Even the pro’s can’t guarantee exact results.

With that being said, getting your comics professionally appraised is sometimes the best and only option when considering selling. Here’s why:

A Professional Appraiser Can Gauge The Condition Accurately

One of the biggest variables that will affect the value of your comic books is the condition that they’re in. There are generally-recognized comic book grades that the industry uses to standardize the condition of comics. It’s a precise yet qualitative measurement best left to the professionals. Getting it right can mean more money in your pocket, and getting it wrong could mean a lot, lot less money in your pocket. This is why it’s so important to store your comic books properly.

A Professional Appraiser Will Know The Market

Markets change fast. A professional appraiser will have their pulse on the market at all times and can not only appraise the condition of your comics accurately, but know how the market is valuing those comics at any given moment. This is important because the true value of a comic book is simply what a buyer is willing to pay for it, so knowing a comic book’s worth is simply knowing the market.

A Professional Appraiser May Be Able To Connect To A Seller

A nice bonus from working with an appraiser is that they may know willing buyers they can connect you with. This isn’t a guarantee but is very likely since they do this for a living and probably have a network of reliable buyers and know what they’re looking for.

Sparkle City Comics Does The Best Comic Book Appraisals

If you want a reliable place to get your comic books professionally appraised, please reach out to us at Sparkle City Comics or give us a call at 800-743-9205 and someone can help you out! On top of providing an accurate appraisal, if we like what we see we may make an all-cash top-dollar offer on the spot, so reach out today!

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  1. I have a collection (about 200) from the early 40s. I know absolutely nothing about comics which makes me extremely vulnerable to being taken advantage of. I live in Indiana. What is the procedure for having my collection appraised/sold?

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