Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, especially with any form of art. However with comic art, it usually also comes with some cultural significance, making it a valuable collectible item.

If you own some comic art, you may wonder how much it’s worth. Here’s our quick guide to help you come to a reasonable estimate:

First, See What Similar Comic Art Sold For

The best way to determine the value of your comic art is to see what similar items sold for. Whether your item is a one-of-a-kind or a commercially-produced item, use eBay’s advanced search and use their filters to find expired auctions that had at least one bid on the closest item possible to your comic art. This will give you a good baseline expectation to work from.

Then Adjust That Value Based On Your Comic Art’s Quality

The final selling price of your comic art is dependent on so many different factors. One of the biggest is the condition it’s in. Was it framed from the beginning and in great shape? Or was it improperly stored in a basement for decades and shows signs of aging? These factors will adjust your baseline estimate up or down depending on the quality of your comic art relative to your comparison item.

Then Adjust That Value Based On Where You’re Selling

The second most important factor in what your comic art would sell for is where you decide to sell it. If you sell it in a very visible auction house that does a good job of promotion, you can probably expect to sell it for at or above your estimated value. However if you decide to sell it locally or for fast cash, you cannot expect to get anywhere near what it’s truly worth.


Sparkle City Comics specialized in buying collectible comic items including comic art. If you ever have a question regarding how much your comic art is worth or if you’re ever interested in selling, please fill out this prospective seller form or call us at 800-743-9205 and we can help you out immediately!

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  1. Looking to sell some original comic art.

    Steve Lightle:

    1 LSH Baxter #5 page 3 with surprint. Small Zip-a-tone piece missing from page.

    Ernie Colon / Larry Mahlstedt
    1 LSH Baxter #12 pg 8 w/surpage

    Keith Giffen:

    6 pgs from LSH Baxter #50, Conspiracy storyline as a team of Legionnaires plot to attack the Time Trapper. 

    Luke McDonnell:
    1 pg Daredevil #204 pg 27 w/ drunk Tony Stark

    Suicide Squad pages including:
    3pg sequence from #8 where Madame Xanadu gives the Squad a ring and necklace with which they can control Enchantress 

    Suicide Squad #12, pg 5 “No tongue!”

    #12, pg 13 Squad and JLI

    #12, pg 21 Blue Beetle attempts to return Batman’s “ear” after a dust up with the Squad.

    #16, pg 12 Shade, the Changing Man, Capt Cold and Capt. Boomerang

    #16, pg (final) Shade and Rick arrive too late for the action

    Justice League covers 
    #246 JLA Evicted!
    #254 Blowout
    #257 Mindgames

    a couple of the McDonnell pieces have practice drawing on the reverse, but these are not separate pieces.

    Scott McCloud!!:
    2pg spread from Zot! #14, pages 4, 5 where Jenny tells her mother about Zot and her adventures.

    I know there are some great pieces here, and some filler.

    Photos available upon request.

    Please let me know what you think.

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