So you’re looking to sell your comic books. You’ve already offered them up for sale at your place of choice, and you’re starting to speak with potential buyers.

Hopefully you’re getting inundated with requests from potential buyers, which would mean you’re in for a great selling experience! Whether you are or not, you should have a handful of questions prepared to ask potential buyers, because it’s just as important for you to vet the buyers as it is for them to vet you. In the end, this will save you time, effort, and probably money.

Here are the three questions you need to be asking potential buyers of your comic books:

What Got You Most Interested In This Comic?

Starting the conversation by asking a question to learn more about the buyer’s intent can help you provide exactly the information they want – even if they don’t know they need it – and can help them justify to themselves not just on placing a bid or an offer, but a great offer. This will also lay the groundwork for future follow-up questions as well as build valuable ethos with them.

Should You Win, Where Would You Want This Shipped To? (online only)

This is a good question to quickly filter out any potential fraud. While this isn’t the only way to protect yourself from fraud, it can quickly signal to bad actors that you understand how potential frauds can work and that you’re not an easy target. Additionally, this will provide useful information to understand how the buyer would expect shipment, assuming they are not local to you and this isn’t a face-to-face transaction.

Do You Have Any Questions Or Concerns Before Making An Offer/Placing A Bid?

When having conversations with prospective buyers of your comics, it’s useful to almost look at it as a selling process. You need to sell them on the idea of purchasing your comics. The more people you can sell this idea on, the more interest you’ll have in your comics and the higher price you’ll receive for them. One of the best sales tactics is to directly ask the buyer what their main questions or concerns are so you can thoroughly address them.

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