Buying, selling, trading and collecting comic books is more fun with a community. Hopefully you have some friends and family that are also interested in comic books and comic book collecting for you to discuss and enjoy in real life.

If you don’t, or if you do but still want to expand your network and exposure within the collecting community, you can and should turn to online groups.

Each group varies in their rules and guidelines, but for the most part online groups are a great way to share best practices, celebrate big wins and sometimes even trade and transact with fellow members.

Here are two fantastic online comic book collector groups that we are not associated with in any way, but believe are useful resources for comic book collectors of all levels:

Reddit: /r/comicbookcollecting

If you’re a redditor you may already know about the /r/comicbookcollecting subreddit, but this is a must subscribe. Reddit is a fantastic platform for keeping your finger on the pulse of any hobby or industry, and collectibles are no different. Within this subreddit you’ll see what other people are buying, selling and collecting, as well as the discussion around everything. This can help you price items more efficiently, understand how the market is moving and just generally improve your collecting skills.

Facebook: The Comic Book Group

The Comic Book Group on Facebook is one of the longest running groups on Facebook regarding comic book collecting, so it’s well-followed and has a robust membership. That may be a blessing and a curse, because there are hundreds of posts per day, many of which will get drowned out. However the volume, depth and breadth of conversation here will help immerse you within the comic book collecting community in numerous ways.

Remember, if you’re going to these groups to buy or sell, be sure to follow the rules closely. Otherwise you may get accused of spam and possibly get banned. Additionally, there’s always risk partaking in a transaction off a major platform, so be sure to protect yourself as best as possible.

If you’re in the market to buy some comics, be sure to also check out our auctions page! Or if you’re looking to sell, let us take a shot! We make all-cash top-dollar offers on comics we’re interested in buying.

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  1. I have two Fantastic Four v1 comics…#96 and #98 that have (1/-) in the price box instead of saying 15c. My question is, why can’t I find any like them anywhere? They are two months apart so I figure they are some sort of recurring error, but I can’t find any to compare.

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