New York is known for some great things, but comic book stores generally aren’t the first thing that come to mind.

That’s a shame, because here at Sparkle City Comics, we provide world class service for all things comic books, including:

We Help With Appraisals

Wondering what your comic books are worth? We’ve actually written a post to help you value your comic books, but if you want a professional appraisal or a second opinion from a professional, we can help with that!

If You’re Not Local We Will Travel To You

We buy and sell millions of dollars worth of comics every year, mainly because we go out of our way to make transactions fast and easy, even for those not local to us! If you have an item or collection that we are interested in, we will travel to you to review everything. What could possibly be easier than that?

We Make All-Cash Top-Dollar Offers

When selling comic books, you usually have to decide between selling in a fast and easy transaction, and selling to get the best price possible. Not with us! Once we take a look at what you’re interested in selling, if we are interested in buying we will make an all-cash top-dollar offer on the spot. The reason most people sell their comics to us is because we make the best offers!

Customer Service Is #1

If traveling to you and making top-dollar all-cash offers isn’t enough, we pride ourselves on our customer service. We aren’t happy unless you are happy.

If you ever have questions with appraisal values, conditions, or interested in buying or selling some comic books, give us a call at 800-743-9205!

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